Jock was born 5.3.22 in Gateside, Scotland and grew up in Glasgow. He suffered childhood illness resulting in the removal of part of a lung. Nevertheless he was an active soccer player. He became an apprentice butcher, but was called up into the RAF in 1940. He served as an armourer posted to North Africa via Iceland, Canada, and South Africa. He was in hospital in Egypt when his unit was shipped to Singapore so he avoided becoming a P.O.W. However he had a stint in Turkey training members of their Air Force. After the war his family migrated to Queensland in 1948, where he had employment in caravan building, driver and van salesman. He met Blanche at a dance in Caloundra and they were married in 1952, and had two children. Jock enjoyed football, golf, fishing, motor bikes, family and clan gatherings. They visited Scotland in 1979 and retired to Caloundra in 1987, where he joined QAM. He served in many areas, organizing our bolts and nuts, manning the front desk and telling stories with his broad Scottish accent. He suffered numerous occurences of illness and passed away on 3.1.03.