Hank was born 22.3.24 in Ootmarsum in Holland one of a family of 5 boys and 4 girls born to Hendrikus and Johanna. When war broke out he was too young to join the Dutch forces and was apprenticed at a Technical Training College as an electrician. He became involved in the underground and was successful in smuggling a P.O.W across the German border. He enlisted in 1945 and was sent to the Dutch East Indies. When he returned to Holland in 1948 he could not settle back into family life and with two friends tossed up whether to move to Canada or Australia. Arriving in 1950 he settled in Ipswich and found work in the Railway Workshops. As soon as possible he lodged naturalization papers. In 1951 he met Maureen Rogan and they married in 1952, raising 5 girls and 1 boy. In 1965 he left to join the Mt.Crosby Waterworks where he worked happily until retirement in 1988. Hank enjoyed his work, being an enthusiast and a perfectionist. In retirement Hank and Maureen moved to Caloundra and he was soon heavily involved in Queensland Air Museum over some 10 years. He also supported the Landsborough Historical Museum. He lived life to the full, always interested in electronics, trains, planes and small mechanical items. He participated in the recovery of the Aztec from Cairns. He also enjoyed travelling and visited his family in Holland on several occasions. Hank passed away after a short illness on 30.6.98.