Helen was the youngest of six children and spent her formative years in the hospitality industry (in family NSW hotels). However, most of her working life was spent in Canberra, the NSW South Coast and Brisbane where she worked for a range of agencies including the Australian newspaper, the Parliamentary Library, the Australian Federal Police and LJ Hooker amongst others. Just over ten years ago, Helen retired to Batemans Bay NSW, and so started one of the happiest periods of her life. She was able to more fully pursue her lifelong interests, which included a love of reading, gardening and interior decorating. Helen also undertook volunteer work to keep actively involved with the community. In retirement Helen met the love of her life, Gary Bell. They decided to enjoy retirement in a nicer environment and moved to Caloundra in late 2011 where Helen continued her volunteer work with the Queensland Air Museum and Red Cross until she and Gary were married in July 2012. Helen was looking forward to returning to the same routine and the new lifestyle. Unfortunately, while on their honeymoon, Helen became ill and so began an extended battle with brain cancer and encephalitis before passing away on 31 December 2012.

“I thank the Queensland Air Museum for supporting Helen during the happiest period of her life.”
Gary Bell