Charlie West was one of our original members. He succumbed to a lengthy illness and passed away on 21st August 2000 aged 83. A mechanic by trade, Charlie had worked in the aircraft industry in England and later in the Army on tanks. Charlie’s love of things mechanical was reflected in his pride in his own motor vehicles, even his trailer which featured in earIy QAM recoveries. Indeed Charlie was one of QAM’s first truck drivers, chaffeuring what was then “The Austral Truck” to numerous displays and recoveries. Charlie had also been a Pioneer Coach Captain and up to his retirement, a security guard. Charlie’s mechanical talents were showcased in his almost assembly line like refurbishment of lawn mowers for the QAM sites over the years. No mower was ever beyond saving for Charlie! He will always be remembered fondly for his cheerful nature and his love of a good yarn. He is sadly missed.