Our "Wants" List


Complete Aircraft

CAC Ceres
Lockheed Neptune

There are others too numerous to list so please ask us before you part-out your aircraft.

The following components are needed to complete the restoration of aircraft in the QAM collection. It should be noted that unserviceable, damaged or incomplete items may be perfectly acceptable for a static restoration. If you can assist, please contact QAM.

Avro Anson
Wings, Tailplane, Rudder (no kidding!)
Under-tailplane metal fairing
Heater pipe ducting
Navigator's map case (P/N 9858)
Under floor ammo box (P/N 8832)
Signal lamp housing from rear fuselage bulkhead (P/N 9156)
Wing bomb rack frames (P/N 8784 & 8785)
Air cylinder for brakes etc. (P/N 8878 A.M. 6A/129)
Turret fairing (Bristol type)
Upper fuselage fairings, front & rear, both sides (P/N 9516 & 9517)
Wing fillet fairings (P/N 9493 & 9498)
D. F. Loop
Astrodome (hemispherical)
Connectors 5C/439
Crystal Monitor
Latch and handle for entry door (P/N 9685, 9682, 9692 etc.)
Bracket for O2 compass sighting from door and rear window
Fuse box Type A 5C/445
Fuse boxes Type B
10 pin socket for plug Type 39
4 pin socket for plug Type 33
Accumulator cut out Type D
Terminal blocks, various sizes (e.g. 5C/430, 5C/431, 5C/432, 5C/449, 5C/719)
Radio T1154/1155
Radio TR9F
Folding nav seat over TR9F
Amplifier A1134
ARI 5000 set
Beech 18
Starboard wing and centre section
Control surfaces (all)
Engine mount (1 off)
Engine nacelles
Fuselage nose cap
Internal fittings (all)
CAC Ceres
Fuselage forward of cockpit (or preferably a complete aircraft!)
CAC Winjeel
U.V. Light rheostat switch (G105)
Cockpit light rheostat switch (G105)
T-handles, harness release, park brake (need 3 off)
Fire extinguisher and brackets
Pitot head Mk 8K or 8S
Throttle quadrant friction lock
Seat harness (2 off)
Clock Mk 2
Fuel cap
CAC Sabre
Gun blast panel (1 off)
Undercarriage door LH main
Oleo covers (L & R)
Nav lights
Cockpit internals (almost everything except seat and armour)
Cessna 336
Chrislea CH.3 Super Ace
Gipsy Major engine & cowls
Control wheels
Internal fittings
DHA Drover (2 aircraft)
Undercarriage (1 aircraft set)
Engine cowls (Lycoming)
Engines (Gipsy Major)
Propellors & spinners
Pilot's seat
Passenger seats
Control column
Misc cockpit items
DH Heron
Cowlings Lycoming (3 sets)
Props (4 off)
Spinners (2 off)
Wing tip (L & R)
Instruments (particularly the smaller diameter D.G. and A.H.)
DH Sea Vixen
Instruments (all)
Radio gear
Equipment from navigator's cockpit
DH Vampire (single seat)
Engine bay panel, underside, detachable
Cannon port fairings (L & R)
Ejector Seat
Misc instruments and cockpit fittings
DHC Caribou
Control surfaces
Engine cowls
Propellors (1 off)
Undercarriage including wheels
Most cabin and cockpit fittings
Douglas DC-3
Lower cowl panel Wright R-1820 (1 off)
Fairchild Swearingen Metro
Undercarriage scissor link for port leg
Undercarriage doors
Engines Garrett AiResearch TPE331-303 (2 off)
Propellors (2 off) or blades
Instruments (all)
Blade aerials, vertical stab. (2 off)
Light, tip of vertical stab. (1 off)
Light, tail (1 off)
Fairey Gannet
Seats (3 off)
Canopy rear
Cockpit internal items (most)
Fokker F.27 Friendship
Engines (2 off)
Engine intakes (2 off)
Props (2 off)
Spinner (1 off)
Pitot tubes (2 off)
Tyres Mainwheel (2 off)
Passenger seats
Cabin front bulkhead
Galley Cargo container
Airspeed Indicator (2 off)
Artificial Horizon (2 off)
Altimeter (2 off)
VOR (2 off)
HSI (2 off)
Rate of Climb (2 off)
Clock (2 off)
DME (1 off)
Standby AH (1 off)
Fuel Qty Gauge (2 off)
Flap position indicator (1 off)
Torque pressure indicator (2 off)
Outside air temp (1 off)
RPM indicator (2 off)
Fuel flow indicator (1 off)
GAF Canberra
UHF radio controller channel selector (pilot's panel)
Quadruple position indicator (aileron / flap / rudder / tailplane)
GAF Jindivik
Under belly panel
Internal black boxes
GAF Nomad
Undercarriage legs, main (2 off), nose (1 off) and wheels
Main gear pod fairings (L & R)
Ailerons (L & R)
Flaps (L & R)
Engine cowls (L & R)
Engines Allison (2 off)
Propellors and spinners (2 off)
Pilot's seat (1 off)
Passenger seats
General internals including most instruments
Gloster Meteor F. Mk 8
Ejector Seat
Instruments and cockpit items
Grumman S-2A Tracker
Aircraft is basically a stripped out fuselage and centre section. We need everything else including the tail group!
Hiller UH-12E
Cockpit Bubble (1 off)
Seats (2 off)
Control Panel (1 off)
Rotor Blades (1 pair)
Tail Rotor (1 off)
Engine side panels (1 set)
Lockheed Ventura (or Hudson where similar)
Bomb bay doors
Engine nacelles overwing section
Undercarriage doors
Fairings - fuselage to wing
Nose fairing
Cockpit glazing
Electrical panel structure (RH of pilot's seat)
Folding navigator's seat
Radio shack rack mounts
Bombadier electrical panel and bomb sight
Mohawk 298 (Nord 262)
PT-6 engine u/s and/or incomplete 2 off
Props 2 off or individual components thereof
Piaggio P166
Passenger seats
Robinson R22
A689-6 Fuel cap x 2
A678-1 Collective boot
A038-5 Collective spring assy
A341-1 Collective tension knob
A184-3 Drive train bearing assy
A007-5 Drive train bearing assy
A026-1 LH door
A026-2 RH door
B033-5 Rotor brake assy
A540-9 Battery box
A698-1 Tail light assy
A650-1 Transmission mount bolts x 3
A018-1 Clutch assy
A166-1 Clutch shaft
A051-1 Belt tension actuator assy
A262-1 Pitot head
A022-3 Compass
A617-5 Instrument cluster lower panel
A181-4 Bearing assy
A121-15 T/R push pull tube
A121-17 T/R push pull tube
AN320-15 Fan retaining nut
A708-2 Strobe light assy red
AN10-41A Trans mount bolt
various All instruments and radios
Lycoming O-320 engine parts for R22
A649-1 Oil cooler
78626 Oil filler tube
LW-15986 Carburetor
A057-1 Air filter box
LW-15571 Starter motor
LW-14313 Alternator
Supermarine Spitfire Mk VIII
Almost everything!
Airframe parts
Merlin parts e.g. 2 stage supercharger, intercooler box, exhaust stubs & carburettor
Vickers Viscount 700 (Cockpit only)
Co-pilot's seat
Fuel flow meter (1 off)
Oil temp gauge (4 off)
Oil pressure gauge (4 off)
Jet pipe temp gauge (4 off)
Turn & slip indicator - post-war British (1 off)
Jet RPM gauge (4 off)
Torque meter (4 off)
Zero reader (2 off)
Zero reader course selector (2 off)
ILS indicator (1 off)
Rate of climb indicator - post-war British (1 off)
Radio HF 188.4
Radio VHF STR.2D
ILS SR14/15B
Intercom MI.32A
Public address Redifon A.145A
Zero reader ZL.1
Many switches, knobs and warning lights
Centre instrument panel
Switch panel and contents (fitted above windscreen)
Throttle console top panel and fittings
Engines & Miscellaneous
Bristol Hercules
Continental IO-360
632344 Filler neck
639997 Governor pad cover
629820 or Alternator
633962 or Alternator
632661 Alternator
635048A14 Starter adapter
640563-7A2 Air throttle and fuel metering assy
638157-2A1 Fuel pump assy
631351-11A2 or Fuel manifold
631351-11A1 Fuel manifold
636950 Harness assy
Continental O-520
Cylinder 1 off
Rocker cover 2 off
Gipsy Major
Need three (3) off u/s and/or incomplete
Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6
Any components
Engine Opposed Miscellaneous
u/s accessories e.g. Starters, Alternators, Carbys, Fuel Valves, Mags etc.
Lycoming and Continental rocker covers
Lycoming and Continental cylinders various
Miscellaneous Equipment
Aircraft type ground power unit, diesel or petrol powered, 28 volt DC, 500 Amp.