This is the C-47 which was scrapped on Sentosa Island. Its identity has been a mystery for some time but it is now believed to be C-47B 43-48886 c/n 26147. This aircraft was later converted to C-47D and EC-47P (note the elongated nose). It was operated in SE Asia by the USAF and was subsequently issued to the South Vietnamese Air Force who operated it with the code "WB" until 1975 when it was returned to the USAF who presumably issued it to Singapore. When inspected on Sentosa it was showing traces of the serial 886 and the code WB. The aircraft is also reported to have been carrying the number "707". By the time the QAM recovery crew arrived on Sentosa the C-47 had been reduced to scrap although QAM were successful in saving both props which will be used in the restoration of a Lockheed Ventura.Photo: Peter O'Connell