QAM Papers and Research Projects


QAM will be publishing a series of papers on a wide range of aviation subjects. Papers will be listed on this page as they become available. Researchers are welcome to quote from these papers provided that an appropriate attribution is given to the author and the publisher.


The English Electric A.1 Canberra - its Australian Connections
D.G. Cameron
Tracker Instructional Airframes in Australia
Ron Cuskelly
Beagle in the Clouds
Tony Wills
1417 Reconnaissance Flight - Aden 1963-64
Peter Lewis
Vision v Survival - Operating an Aviation Museum in the Real World
Ron Cuskelly
The Calair Skyfox - Origin, Derivatives and Production Lists
D.G. Cameron
Maroochydore Aerodrome - Aerodrome Road
John Stitt
The Output of Luigi Pellarini - An Innovative Aircraft Designer
D.G. Cameron
Henri Mignet and the Flying Fleas - An Incomplete Overview
D.G. Cameron
Bristol Scout C/D & Royal Aircraft Factory SE-5a - A Complementary First World War Duo
D.G. Cameron
Aviation in the Aftermath of Cyclone Tracy at Darwin in December 1974.
Ron Cuskelly



Documents marked with a red bullet are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need to have the Adobe Reader ® installed on your computer to read them. Click on the following link for a free download.

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Documents marked with a black bullet are web pages which can be viewed with a web browser and printed if required.