Engine Runs


Peter Wilson 1934 - 2009


A highlight of Open Cockpit Weekend 2010 and a first for QAM was a series of live engine runs by a Pratt & Whitney R-2000 from a Caribou. Engine runs were a long cherished dream of QAM's round engine specialist Peter Wilson who sadly passed away suddenly before the engine was ready for running.

The engine is mounted on a purpose-built test rig which was kindly donated to QAM by Aero Pacific at Archerfield. To ensure the safety of visitors, the engine runs were conducted inside a specially constructed fenced enclosure.

For the purposes of the run, power was restricted to 1700 RPM (maximum is 2700 RPM). At this power setting the supercharger would not have contributed to the power output as it does not cut in until 2100 RPM. Oil pressure was 85 PSI with the engine cold but it settled down to an ideal 40-45 PSI warmed up. Power was not increased beyond 1000 RPM until the oil had warmed to 105 degrees. Each run lasted approximately 6-8 minutes and fuel consumption was one litre per minute.

QAM gratefully acknowledges the technical assistance of Mr Graham Williams.

It is hoped that the R-2000 will be run on special occasions throughout the year and that other engine types will be added to the program.


The Pratt & Whitney R-2000 bursts into life.


Ailsa Wilson with the QAM Engine Crew


The engine test rig which was donated by Aero Pacific


Pratt & Whitney R-2000 Fact Sheet