The Allan Vial - Path Finder Force Annexe



Thanks to a generous donation from Allan Vial, President of the Path Finder Force Association of Australia and Life Member of the Queensland Air Museum, it has been possible to extend the recently erected Hangar 2 to the south. This will significantly increase under-cover display space and will allow several aeroplanes to be moved indoors. It will also facilitate the relocation of several aircraft from Hangar 1 to the new annexe. Hangar 1 will then be used for more vulnerable wood and fabric aircraft. It will also make space available in Hangar 1 for the construction of a replica of Air Vice-Marshal Don Bennett's Deepwood office. The replica office will incorporate several items of furniture donated by the Bennett family.

Construction of the annexe began in early September 2005 and is due for completion in October 2005.

Click on these images for a larger panorama. Photos by Nick Sayer.