30 Years Service to QAM

[left to right]
Dick Hitchins, Darrel Walk, Ron Cuskelly, Graham Martin,
Keith Carmody, Lex Lolua, Ken Addison & Les Boughen.
Photo: David Bussey

A small ceremony was held at the Museum in Caloundra on 15th February 2003 to mark 30 years service to QAM by a number of foundation members. The ceremony was held at the instigation of President, Cliff Robinson, who became aware of the imminent anniversary and decided to mark the event by presenting framed certificates to everyone who has been a member continuously since "day one". The eleven members are: Ken Addison, John Best, Les Boughen, Keith Carmody, Ron Cuskelly, Matt Denning, Dick Hitchins, Lex Lolua, Graham Martin, John Sutherland and Darrel Walk. Had there been an award for having travelled the farthest it would have gone to Darrel Walk who drove down from Kingaroy for the presentation. Unfortunately, John Best, Matthew Denning and John Sutherland were unable to be present.