EDO Aircraft was founded in the United States in September 1925 by Earl Dodge Osborn (1893-1988)
  This pair of floats was purchased from Total Aviation in Toowoomba on this date. The seller had no knowledge of their provenance. Although some fittings are missing, both floats are undamaged which suggests a voluntary removal. Identification has proved difficult because the data plates have been removed from both floats. Research suggests that they may be EDO type 2130 which are approved for Cessna 172, Husky A-1B & Champion Scout 8GCBC. Given that as many as 13 Cessna 172s were operated on floats in Australia it is likely that the floats were removed from one of these aircraft. Of those aircraft that cannot be eliminated because they were written off or because they were fitted with floats of another manufacturer, two emerge as possible candidates.

C172M VH-TUV (c/n 63691) which was operated in South-East Queensland as late as 1978 but was subsequently struck off the register.

C172F VH-DNT (c/n 52700) which was operated in the Brisbane area but was converted to a landplane circa 1978.

The dimensions of the floats in QAM's possession are:

Length: 17 feet 0 inches
Maximum Width: 32 inches
Maximum Height: 24 inches

The Mystery is Solved:

Confirmation from Bill Lane:

"Those floats are EDO 2000 floats off VH-DNT which I operated from Southport in the early seventies. VH-TUV which replaced it was on PK 2300 floats."


Compiled by Ron Cuskelly


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