C-47A-30-DK KG765 (Rear Fuselage Only)
MSN 13864/25309*




(VIPs are listed in the approximate chronological order in which they flew in KG765)
His Excellency and Lady Wavell, Governor-General and Viceroy of India
His Highness The Nawab of Bhopal
His Highness The Maharaja of Bhopal
His Highness The Maharaja of Gwalior
The Governor of Uttar Pradesh
The Governor of Bengal
Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Governor-General of Pakistan
(Revered as the Father of Pakistan)
Liaquat Ali Khan, first Prime Minister of Pakistan
The Hon. Baldev Singh, Defence Member for the Indian Interim Government
The Earl Mountbatten of Burma KG, GCB, OM, GCSI, GCIE, GCVO, DSO, PC, FRS,
Military Governor of Burma
The Countess of Carlisle
Air Marshal Muhammad Asghar Khan
(Revered as Father of the P.A.F.)
Air Vice-Marshal Sir Richard Llewellyn Roger Atcherley, KBE, CB, AFC & Bar
(Set a world air speed record in the Schneider Cup)
Air Commodore Douglas Lloyd Amlot, CBE, DFC, AFC
Vice-Admiral Sir Geoffrey Miles, KCB
(Commander in Chief Royal Indian Navy)
Lord Listowel, Secretary of State for Burma
General Sir Frank Walter Messervy, KCSI, KBE, CB, DSO & Bar
(First Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army)
Sir Francis Verner Wylie, KCSI, CIE
(Governor of the United Provinces)
Air Vice-Marshal Edgar James Kingston-McCloughry, CB, CBE, DSO, DFC & Bar
(Born in Australia)
General Sir Douglas David Gracey KCB, KCIE, CBE, MC & Bar
(The second Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army)
General Sir Rob McGregor MacDonald Lockhart KCB, CIE, MC
(Later Commander in Chief of the Indian Army)
Lieutenant General Sir Iven Giffard Mackay, KBE, CMG, DSO & Bar
(The first Australian High Commissioner to India)
Major General Thomas Wynford Rees CB, CIE, DSO & Bar, MC, DL
(Head of the Military Committee of the Indian Emergency Cabinet)
Major General John Geoffrey Bruce CB, DSO, MC
(General Officer Commanding of the Lahore District)
Air Marshal Sir Robert Victor Goddard, KCB, CBE, DL
(Officer Commanding South East Asia Command)
Lieutenant-General Sir John George des Reaux Swayne, KCB, CBE
(D.G.S. Deputy Commander-in-Chief, S.E.A.C.)
Air Chief Marshal Sir Leslie Norman Hollinghurst, GBE, KCB, DFC
General Sir Richard Nugent O'Connor, KT, GCB, DSO & Bar, MC
(Commanding Officer of Eastern Command in India)
Lieutenant General Sir Arthur Francis Smith, KCB, KBE, DSO, MC
(Chief of the General Staff in India)




  Delivered to USAAF as 43-48048. (Source: 1)
  To RAF as a Dakota III KG765 to Nassau. (Source: 1 & 3)
  To RAF Air Command South East Asia (ACSEA). (Source: 1)
  Formation of RAF, SEA, Communication Squadron "After movement 'Raymond' in which the staff of Air Command, South East Asia, moved to Kandy from Delhi it was found necessary to form two squadrons; one at Ratmalana to continue the work of carrying around the personnel of Air Command who had moved to Ceylon, and also to serve South East Asian Command in general; another to be formed at Delhi to serve the newly formed Base Air Forces, South East Asia, and to carry VIP's of the three services, and civilians and princes." (Source: 6)
  Dakota 723 (S/Ldr. Booth) was scheduled to leave for Coimbatore but on running up the aircraft it was found to be U/S. Dakota 765 the new eighteen-seater was taken instead, this being its maiden trip on this Unit. The trip was to pick up the Nawab of Bhopal at Coimbatore and take him to Bhopal. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (S/Ldr. Booth) returned from Bhopal. (Source: 6)
  Dakota 765 (P/O. Groocock) left for Cox's Bazaar with Brigadiers Hapland and Greenwood. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (P/O. Groocock) returned from Cox's Bazaar with Brigadiers Hapland and Greenwood. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (W/C. Towell, DFC, DFM) left for Lahore with H.E. The Viceroy and Lady Wavell; Dakota 682 (F/Lt. Moody) followed on with the party's kit and the bearers. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (W/C. Towell, DFC, DFM) returned from Lahore with H.E. The Viceroy and Lady Wavell. Dakota KG795 (P/O. Hamilton-Martin) went to Lahore to bring back the party's luggage and bearers. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Reid) left for Ratmalana with AVM Weedon and AVM Goddard. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (P/O. Groocock) left for Chakala and return with A/Cdre Kingston and one other officer. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (P/O. Groocock) went to Bihta and return with W/C Chalmers. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (W/Cdr. Towell, DFC, DFM) left for Hakimpet with H.E. The Viceroy and Lady Wavell on tour. Dakota KG682 (F/Lt. Moody) left on the same tour to carry the luggage and bearers. (Source: 6)
  Movie film at Imphal in Manipur, India shows Lieutenant-Generals Slim, Christison, Scoones and Stopford being knighted by the Viceroy of India, Lord Wavell. The film also shows Lord and Lady Wavell disembarking from RAF Dakota KG765 to be greeted by Lord Louis Mountbatten. (Source: 5)
  Dakota KG765 (W/C. Towell, DFC, DFM) returned from tour with H.E. The Viceroy and The Viscountess Wavell from the tour. Dakota KG682 (F/Lt. Moody) who had been carrying the luggage and bearers also returned. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (W/C. Towell) left for Jhawar with S/Ldrs. Ainsworth and Booth and F/Lt. Rogers who had a personal invitation from H.E. The Viceroy to witness a hunting trip. The aircraft is to remain there and bring the Vice Regal party back tomorrow. (Source: 6)
  A baggage Dakota (P/O. Groocock) left for Jhawar to bring back the Vice Regal party's luggage and bearers in the afternoon as did Dakota KG765 with H.E. The Viceroy and party. (Source: 6)
  H.E. The Viceroy went to Rizalapur for the day to attend an investiture, where he presented two V.C.s, the aircraft used was KG765 piloted by W/C. Towell. (Source: 6)
  H.E. The Viceroy and party left for Bikaner in Dakota KG765 piloted by W/Cdr. Towell. (Source: 6)
  H.E. The Viceroy left for a tour of Southern India in Dakota KG765 (W/Cdr. Towell). Dakota 682 also left with the party's luggage and bearers. (Source: 6)
  H.E. The Viceroy, with the Vicereine and party return in Dakota KG765 from their tour of Southern India piloted by W/C. Towell, DFC, DFM. The baggage aircraft Dakota KG682 (P/O Groocock) which had been on the same tour also returned. (Source: 6)
  W/Cdr. Towell left with H.E. The Vicereine and party for Lahore in Dakota KG765. (Source: 6)
  H.E. The Viceroy and party left for Karachi in Dakota KG765 (F/O Groocock), the first leg of their trip to the UK. The aircraft returned the next day. (Source: 6)
  H.E. The C-in-C returned from Agra in Dakota KG765 (S/Ldr. Booth)
  S/Ldr. Booth left for Peshawar in Dakota KG765 with H.E. The C-in-C and party. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (S/Ldr. Booth) returned with H.E. The C-in-C from a tour in the NWFP. (Source: 6)
  H.E. The C-in-C left for Lahore in Dakota KG765 (S/Ldr. Booth) and returned the same evening. (Source: 6)
  Lt.Gen. Swayne D.G.S, Deputy C-in-C, left for Nagpur in Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Moody) and returned to Delhi on 18MAY45. (Source: 6)
  H.E. The Viceroy and party left in Dakota KG765 (W/Cdr. Towell) for Ambala. The aircraft returned to Delhi empty the same morning. (Source: 6)
  A.M. Hollinghurst paid a one day visit to Bilaspur in Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Moody). (Source: 6)
  Two Dakotas, KG765 (W/Cdr. Towell, DFC, DFM) and KG682 (F/Lt. Moody) left for Karachi to meet H.E. The Viceroy and party on their return from the UK. They returned to Delhi on the 5th while F/Lt. Greer brought back the newly completed Vice Regal Aircraft KG507 (Dakota). (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Crocy) left for Calcutta and returned to Delhi same day with the Governor of Burma and his staff. (Source: 6)
The Military Governor of Burma from 01JAN44 to OCT45 was Lord Louis Mountbatten. (Source: 16)
  The new Vice Regal aircraft KD507 (S/Ldr. Booth) made its first flight with H.E. The Viceroy and party on their way to Simla via Ambala aerodrome. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Greer) completed its tour with the Governor of Burma with a return trip to Ambala; General O'Connor was also onboard. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Moody) departed for Ratmalana with Admiral Martin and Air Commodore Chakerfield. The aircraft returned on 10JUL45. (Source: 6)
  The Countess of Carlisle visited Marwa'z by Dakota KG765 (S/Ldr. Booth AFC). (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Greer) left on tour and returned on 21JUL45. (Source: 6)
  Air Marshal Goddard and party left for Kandy in Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Greer) and returned to Delhi on 28JUL45. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (S/Ldr. Booth, AFC) left for Karachi en route for the U.K. with Air Marshal Goddard and party. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (S/Ldr. Booth, AFC) Northolt-Estrey (Marseilles). (Source: 15)
  Dakota KG765 (S/Ldr. Booth, AFC) Estrey-Valetta (Malta). (Source: 15)
  Dakota KG765 (S/Ldr. Booth, AFC) Valetta-Al Maza (Cairo). (Source: 15)
  Dakota KG765 (S/Ldr. Booth, AFC) Al Maza-Habbaniya (Iraq). (Source: 15)
  Dakota KG765 (S/Ldr. Booth, AFC) Habbaniya-Bahrein. (Source: 15)
  Dakota KG765 (S/Ldr. Booth, AFC) Bahrein-Mauripur (Karachi). (Source: 15)
  Dakota KG765 (S/Ldr. Booth, AFC and F/Lt. Greer) arrive back from the U.K. "At the end of the month S/Ldr. Booth, AFC and F/Lt. Greer, returned from a trip to the U.K. They had the good fortune to still be in England on V.J. Day and so on their return gave a first-hand account of the celebrations that marked the occasion." (Source: 6)
  The C-in-C and staff left for Kandy by Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Boyd). (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Moody) took a party of I.N.A. prisoners to Bhopal. (Source: 6)
  H.H. The Maharaja of Gwalior and party of nine went to Gwalior in Dakota KG765. Aircraft returned empty. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 took H.H. The Maharaja of Bhopal and party from Sarwan to Bhopal (W/O Bush). Aircraft returned the same day empty. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Boyd) went to Bhopal to fetch 13 x I.N.A. prisoners and 7 x escorts. (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Boyd) took Welfare Amenities to Rangoon. Aircraft returned on 27th. (Source: 6)
  Brig. Gen. Bouchour and party went to Cawnpore, Jubblepore in Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Boyd). (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Boyd) went to Karachi to pick up Air Vice Marshal Wragg and bring him to Delhi. (Source: 6)
  A.V.M. De Sceur in Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Boyd) on tour Barrackpore-Agra-Ambala-Base returning on 21st. (Source: 6)
  H.E. The C-in-C returned from Rampur in Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Greer). (Source: 6)
  Dakota KG765 (P/O Kinniburch) took Lt. Gen. Sir A. Smith from Barrackpore. Final entry for BAF SEA. (Source: 6)
  Post War Re-Organisation Committee to Bombay in Dakota KG765 (F/O Barrett) returning to Delhi same day. (Source: 9)
  Lt Gen Dunsford was taken on tour in Dakota KG765 (F/O Scott) returning on the 5th. (Source: 9)
  Dakota KG765 was sent to Khanpur to bring back the C .in. C but went U/S on arrival there. (Source: 9)
  The Governor of Uttar Pradesh and Bengal were picked up and brought back from Dum Dum on the 6th in Dakota KG765 (F/O Scott) while Lt. Gen. Gardiner made the outgoing journey in the same aircraft. (Source: 9)
  The Governor's of Uttar Pradesh and Bengal were taken to Lucknow and Calcutta respectively in Dakota KG765 (W/Cdr. Bryant-Fenn). (Source: 9)
  F.O.C.R.I.N. and party went to Shaibah(?) in Dakota KG765 (F/O Scott). (Source: 9)
  Army Gen. Staff officers went to Mauripur in Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Taylor) and returned the next day. (Source: 9)
  Lt. General Messervy was brought from Dum Dum by Dakota KG765 (Sq. Ldr. Freddy). (Source: 9)
  Lt. General Lockhart departed for Gorakhpur at 14.00 hours in Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Greer), the aircraft returned empty. (Source: 9)
  Lt. General Gracey and Lt. General Messervy travelled to Chaklala, Mauripur and Santa Cruz in Dakota KG765 flown by (F/Lt. Peers). Lt. General Messervy remained in Chaklala and Lt. General Gracey at Santa Cruz; the aircraft returning empty on the 23rd. (Source: 9)
  Lt. General McKay and the S.A.S.O. Air Vice Marshall Kingston-McCloughry travelled to Jamungly (?) and Peshawar in Dakota KG765 ( F/Lt. Hillman) and returned on the 5th. (Source: 9)
  S.A.S.O. was taken to Mauripur in Dakota KG765 (Sq. Ldr. Freddy) the aircraft then proceeded to Bombay with a delegation of the Iraqi Army, the aircraft returning empty on the 21st. (Source: 9)
  Dakota KG765 (F/O Scott) was used to take a party of RAF Staff Officers to Hakimpet, Madras, Yelahanka and Poona, and returned on the 5th. (Source: 9)
  Lt. General Sir F. Messervy was taken in Dakota KG765 (F/O Scott) from Nal to Chaklala, the aircraft returning to Palam empty. (Source: 9)
  Sir Francis Wylie returned to Amausi in Dakota KG765 (W/Cdr. Lt. Bryant-Fenn). (Source: 9)
  A party of Russian scientists visiting India for the International Science Congress were taken on a tour in Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Peers) to Babapur-Hakimpet-Aurangabad-Santa Cruz. Returning January 19th. (Source: 9)
  The party of Russian scientists returned from the tour in Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Peers). (Source: 9)
  Major General Rees and Major General Bruce left on tour of the riot areas in Punjab in Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Gairmey, DFM) returning on the 11th June 1947. (Source: 9)
  Lt. General Lockhart was flying to Poona in Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Hitchcock). (Source: 9)
  Hon. Baldev Singh, Defence Member for the Indian Interim Government was flown to Ambaya and returned in Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Greer AFC). (Source: 9)
  Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan, Minister of Finance for the Interim Government (and Prime Minister of Pakistan from 15AUG47) left in Dakota KG765 (F/Lt. Way) for Mauripur. (Source: 9)
  Vice Admiral Sir. Geoffrey Miles, KCB, C.in.C. R.I.N left in Dakota KG765 flown by (F/Lt. Brown DFC) for Mauripur. (Source: 9)
  The partition of India and Pakistan took effect.
  Lord Listowel, Secretary of State for Burma, left for Dum Dum in Dakota KG765 (F/O Porter). (Source: 9)
  General Messervy made a tour of the Tergaon area in Dakota KG765. (Source: 9)
  Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the new Governor-General of an independent Pakistan, travelled to Lahore in KG765 for talks with Lord Mountbatten on the crisis in Kashmir. (Source: 14)
  Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Governor-General of Pakistan, travelled to Karachi on KG765. (Source: 8)
  To Station Flight RAF Mauripur. (Source: 1)
  Vickers Viking J-750 (MSN 261) was delivered to the Pakistan Air Force for use as a VIP aircraft by the Governor of Pakistan. (Source: 11)
  To Pakistan Govt. (Source: 1)
  To Royal Pakistan Air Force as C-406. (Source: 1) (Source 2 states C-408).
  Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Governor-General of Pakistan, died in office. (Source: 13)
  Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin took office as Governor-General of Pakistan. (Source: 13)

Liaquat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, was assassinated in Rawalpindi. Wing Commander Lanky Ahmed was tasked to fly to Rawalpindi to carry the PM's body back to Karachi in the C-in-C's aircraft. In the event, the coffin was carried in the Governor-General's Viking but the Governor-General, Khawaja Sahib and Chowdhry Muhammad Ali, the Secretary-General did travel to Karachi on Wing Commander Ahmed's aircraft which he described as a VIP configured DC-3. On arrival at Karachi, the two VIPs continued their discussions in the aircraft for another fifteen minutes. Wing Commander Ahmed later speculated in his memoirs;

One can safely imagine that the talk might have been focused on the funeral arrangements and about finding a successor to the departed Prime Minister. Perhaps, Chowdhry Muhammad Ali might have suggested that the GG should take over the more powerful position of the P.M., to save the country from further chaos. A bad situation might occur from the effects of a second tragedy to befall upon our nation within three years of its existence. As the Secretary-General of the Cabinet, he could have also recommended that the senior most minister Mr. Ghulam Muhammad, who was considered to be too inflexible for the PM's job, should be appointed as the GG in Khawaja Sahib's place. The Cabinet on its 17th October meeting, did indeed endorse all these top positions including Ch. Muhammad Ali as the Finance Minister. (Source: 12)


  Governor-General Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin took office as Prime Minister of Pakistan following the assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan. (Source: 13)
  In February of 1952, Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt, the former first lady of the United States was on a UNICEF world tour to promote human rights. Wing Commander Lanky Ahmed of the Pakistan Air Force recorded in his memoirs that he was tasked to fly a VIP aircraft that had been placed at Mrs Roosevelt's disposal by the Government of Pakistan. Unfortunately he does not record the type of aircraft or its identity although there are suggestions from other sources that Mrs Roosevelt travelled in C-406. (Source: 12)
  Registered G-ANZE to Field Aircraft Services Ltd., Croydon. (Source: 1 & 4)
  Arrived at Luqa, Malta as G-ANZE from Karachi at 1646 hours. Scheduled to depart for the UK the following day at 0830 hours. (Source: 10)
  To Burmese Air Force as UBT714 "XY-URT" later 5714. (Source: 1 & 4)
Photo shows the aircraft marked as UB714.
  Bought by Nevada Airlines Inc, Las Vegas, Nevada. (Source: 1)
  Registered N2271C to Nevada Airlines Inc. (Source: 1)
Converted for cloud-seeding. (Source: 3) Suspect this might refer to the following entry on 01JUN80.
  To Air Mod Enterprises. (Source: 1)
  Stored at Bangkok until JAN82. (Source: 1)
  Used by PMC Associated Co., Ltd, Thailand. (Source: 3)
  Bought by G. Charpenter, Oceanside, California. (Source: 1)
  Bought by Miss Panida Veerathanangdeck, Sausalito, California. (Source: 1 & 3)
  Bought by Harold J. Hansen, Seattle, Washington. (Source: 1)
  Bought by Century Airlines Inc. (Source: 1)
Source 3 states that the aircraft was leased to Century Airlines after 2000 and quotes an identity of "EC-?" which was not taken up and the aircraft remained at Archerfield. (Source: 3)
  The Brisbane Courier-Mail published an article under the headline "Sky's the limit for backpackers". The article announced that Up Over Down Under would commence ad hoc DC-3 services for backpackers commening in March 1994. Included was a photo of N2271C and another of company director Glenn Millen who was quoted as saying; "The carrier had three planes coming on line and was hoping to buy another two DC3s from Thailand soon."
    The Australian operator UODO Air Pty Ltd had intended to acquire two other C-47s from Hansen but these plans were abandoned because of the poor condition of N2271C. (Source: 3)
  Donated to Ipswich Amberley Aviation Museum Inc, RAAF Amberley by Bob Keys. (Source: 7)
  Registered N2271C to Airlease Ltd., Burns, Oregon, USA. (Source: 2)
  Cancelled from FAA Register. (Source: 2)
  The aircraft was broken up at Amberley because of severe corrosion in the wing centre section.
  The nose section to approximately Station 177.5 and the rear fuselage from approximately Station 372.5 (including the double door, fin and rudder) were gifted to QAM by RAAF Heritage. The nose section was immediately placed on loan to the Maryborough Military Aviation Museum in Maryborough, Queensland and subsequently delivered directly to Maryborough from Amberley. The Deed of Gift from RAAF Heritage was signed by QAM on this date.
  The rear fuselage arrived at QAM Caloundra by road from Amberley.
    The exhibit will be restored to represent its appearance as a VIP transport with its original RAF serial KG765.


  This aircraft was one of many C-47s that were issued with incorrect factory serial numbers at the Douglas Oklahoma City plant.. These numbers were subsequently corrected in a Douglas Service Bulletin. Both numbers are usually quoted as some incorrect numbers remain on data plates. The correct number for this aircraft is 25309.


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It should be noted that this aeroplane's significant history
did not emerge until after the aircraft had been broken up.


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