Planning your Photoshoot


The Museum is open to the public every day of the year (except Christmas Day) from 10:00am until 4:00pm. After hours shoots can be arranged but clearly this will not provide much time, particularly if daylight is required.
We can accommodate your shoot on most days but we prefer to avoid Wednesdays and Thursdays as these are regular work days at the Museum and the aircraft of your choice may have workers swarming all over it. Whilst our volunteers will be happy to pose for your photographs, they accept the probability that you will have a preference for your own models!
We will try to schedule photo shoots on days when we do not have large group bookings.
We will need to know in advance how many people will be involved in your shoot.
We will need to know in advance the planned duration of your shoot.
It is particularly important for us to know in advance which aircraft you wish to use in your shoot and if you require interior access (not possible for all aircraft). This is important because all of our aircraft have to undergo periodic cleaning and maintenance and this may otherwise clash with your shoot. If aircraft recognition is not your strong point, the site plan may assist you to communicate your requirements.
We recommend that you visit the Museum in advance as our guest to plan your shoot. Please contact us at to arrange complimentary admission.
Do you require the use of our ladders, access platforms or other props? Again, advance notice is required.
Mains power is available in all buildings and at several locations on the boundary of the courtyard.
The Museum is a family attraction so please plan your photographic content accordingly. As a general guideline, swimwear is acceptable but glamour/lingerie would be considered unsuitable. QAM does not seek to become involved in the artistic direction of your shoot but will do so if it is perceived that our family standards are likely to be compromised. Where moderation is deemed necessary, this will be at the discretion of the QAM member assigned to supervise your shoot.
Our volunteers' Crew Room can be made available for dressing, hair and makeup if required. The facilities are not luxurious but most clients have found them satisfactory. The Crew Room is not usually available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and the third Saturday of each month. For security reasons, the front and rear doors must be closed when the room is unattended. Clients are requested to leave the room clean and tidy after the shoot. Toilets and a drinking fountain are located nearby in Hangar 2 (the big building).
A location fee will be agreed at the time of booking. We do not seek to reap huge profits from making our aircraft available but monies received will assist with the preservation of the collection. If your shoot is of a not-for-profit nature this will be taken into consideration when determining a location fee.
The location fee will include admission to all public areas of the Museum for all persons in your group. If your group is large and personnel will be leaving and re-entering the Museum, it is helpful to our staff if you can provide everyone with some form of identification such as a brightly coloured sticker showing the name or logo of the agency.
Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the Museum buildings or grounds. Designated smoking areas are near the flag pole at the front of Hangar 1 or in the car park.
It is a requirement that all persons in your group should be under the supervision of a QAM member at all times. For this reason, it will be necessary to confine your activities to one location (aircraft) at a time unless prior arrangements have been made.
Although QAM has public liability insurance, operators entering the QAM site are required to show proof that they have their own public liability and personal accident insurance.
Where it is possible, it is appreciated if published images can show "Queensland Air Museum, Caloundra" as the location.
We will always gratefully accept examples of your images for our own promotional purposes and for inclusion in our Clients' Gallery.
Please remember that QAM is a not-for-profit society and all of our workers are volunteers.
If you have any questions please contact:
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