Although Wirraway VH-WIR was the first aircraft to be flown to QAM at Caloundra, there was an earlier delivery by air. On 15 July 1975, Meteor TT20 WD647 was flown from Woomera to Archerfield on delivery to the embryonic Queensland Air Museum. After the handover ceremony at Archerfield, the Meteor was towed to temporary hangarage provided by Hawker de Havilland. In the rear cockpit for the tow was fifteen year-old Matthew Denning. It may have taken him 35 years but Matt is thus far the only QAM member to gain a command on a QAM aeroplane! Occupying the front seat of the Meteor is Tony Bradley who later drifted away from QAM. Are you out there Tony? It is important to note that the Meteor was gifted to QAM by the British Ministry of Defence and this was just QAM's second year of operation. Thirty-five years later, QAM is still waiting for an aeroplane to be gifted by its own Government. QAM hopes that this anomalous situation will be rectified with the gifting of a recently retired F-111.
Photo: Ron Cuskelly (I44)