Lockheed P-3C Orion A9-760 with 492 Squadron tail markings at Edinburgh possibly on or after 21 December 1983 when the aircraft was ferried to Edinburgh after Deeper Level Maintenance at Richmond. Orions were repainted by 2AD at Richmond and returned to Edinburgh with only a blank white band on the tail so that the squadron emblems could be applied by 492 (Maintenance) Squadron at Edinburgh. This unique marking was applied with dayglo tape to the left hand side only. The CO at Edinburgh was reportedly displeased but there wasn't sufficient time to remove the markings before the aeroplane had to be returned to service. It is understood that the markings remained on the aeroplane for several months before they began to fade and had to be removed. It has been reported that the markings were applied at Richmond but Edinburgh is more likely. This image is obviously taken at Edinburgh and may indeed depict the roll-out of the new markings. Picture: Robert Wiseman