Two F-105F Thunderchiefs from the 6441 Tactical Fighter Wing formate with two Mirage IIIO from No 75 Squadron off the coast from Williamtown. The F-105s, which were based at Yokota, Japan, arrived at Williamtown from Guam on 3 October and returned to Guam and Yokota on 18 October 1965. These aircraft were amongst many foreign aircraft which had deployed to Williamtown for Operation Pacific Concord One. The aircraft depicted are F-105Fs 63-8271 and 63-8296 and Mirage IIIOs A3-15 and A3-19. QAM's Mirage A3-16 also participated in the exercise. The photograph was taken by Sydney Morning Herald photographer George Lipman from an accompanying RAAF Vampire. The photo was published on 5 October 1965 which suggests that it was taken on 4 October.

Picture: Licensed by Fairfax Media (FXB103367)

During Pacific Concord it was claimed that on 12 October Flying Officer Marjorie Cummins, WRAAF, became the first Australian woman to fly supersonic in one of the F-105Fs piloted by Major Henry "Shark" Shudinis. Also during the exercise it was announced that RAAF Mirages from A3-51 onwards would be completed as ground attack aircraft.

The following table lists the serial numbers of the F-105s that participated in Operation Pacific Concord 1.

Type Serial
F-105F 63-8271
F-105F 63-8279
F-105F 63-8283
F-105F 63-8294
F-105F 63-8296
F-105D 62-4375