Mirage IIIO A3-16 in the immediate foreground with A3-15 behind it. They share the Williamtown flight line with several F-105 Thunderchiefs from the 6441 Tactical Fighter Wing which was based at Yokota, Japan. The F-105s arrived from Guam on 3 October and returned to Guam and Yokota on 18 October 1965. These aircraft were amongst many foreign aircraft which had deployed to Williamtown for Operation Pacific Concord One in October 1965. During their visit, the USAF encouraged the RAAF to deploy Mirages to Thailand to support operations in Vietnam by the F-105s which had been optimised for the strike role and although they retained a Vulcan 20mm multi-barrel gun for strafing, they lacked a gyro/radar predicting gun sight for air-to-air combat. At the time, the RAAF had only one squadron of Mirages, No. 75, which was still working up to operational status and for this reason the request was denied.Picture: Ian Whisker

The following table lists the serial numbers of the six F-105s that participated in Operation Pacific Concord 1.

Type Serial
F-105F 63-8271
F-105F 63-8279
F-105F 63-8283
F-105F 63-8294
F-105F 63-8296
F-105D 62-4375