On 6 June 1973, the newly arrived F-111C A8-129 was present at Amberley for the departure of six F-4E Phantoms as they were ferried back to the United States at the end of their lease. The 23 remaining Phantoms were returned to the US in five groups. The third group departed on 6 June 1973 and comprised six aircraft; 69-0307, 69-7206, 69-7207, 69-7210, 69-7215 and 69-7219. The Phantoms were accompanied by several USAF KC-135A tankers. Identifiable Phantoms in this photo are 69-0307, 69-7206 and 69-7219. Phantom 69-0304 (at the end of the line with canopies closed) did not depart until 21 June 1973.Photo: © Commonwealth of Australia 2012