VHCXE in service with GHQ believed to be at Archerfield, Brisbane in June-July 1942. The three personnel in the foreground are:

left: Lt Robert S. Clinkscales (co-pilot)
centre: Major Henry C. Godman (pilot)
right: Colonel Joe Sherr (GHQ Cryptanalyst)

Lt Clinkscales was later killed in a B-29 which was rammed by a Japanese aircraft over Yawata, Japan.

Henry Godman passed away in October 1996 in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Colonel Sherr was killed in an air crash en route to New Delhi in September 1943. Earlier he had been evacuated from Corregidor with General MacArthur because he was a master of cryptanalysis. He was subsequently a major factor in the creation of the Central Bureau codebreaking outfit.

Photo: MacArthur Memorial Archives (#00006486C)