The front page of The Courier-Mail of 29 December 1973 although it wasn't quite as desperate as portrayed. The fledgling museum did have somewhere to put the aeroplane, QAM member Don Elliott having offered his farm at Boonah as a fallback. Thanks to the Courier-Mail's aviation writer, the late Alan Underwood, front page exposure of adversity worked a treat and several offers were forthcoming. In February 1974, at the kind invitation of the Hunter family, the Canberra was moved to Pioneer Valley Park, a museum of horse-drawn vehicles at Kuraby on Brisbane's southside. To some this must have seemed an appropriate venue given the museum's apparent cart-before-the-horse beginnings! The aircraft would have been moved to Kuraby sooner had it not been for the intervention of the notorious Australia Day floods in January 1974. This was to be just the first time that Canberra A84-225 made the front page of the newspapers.