The handover ceremony on 28 June 2013 wasn't just about the F-111. Wal Walters, who delivered F-111 A8-129 to Australia on 1 June 1973, was able to renew his acquaintance with Canberra A84-225 which he flew on 17 sorties during his time at No. 14 B OCU at Amberley. On one celebrated occasion (believed to have been on 14 November 1963) Wal was awarded The Official Smasher of Turbo Starters Certificate by the maintenance personnel on Bomber OCU at Amberley for having destroyed two turbo starters, damaging both engines in the process. In Wal's defence, he had been the victim of two faulty starters which coincidentally expired on the same day and on the same aeroplane, A84-225! Image: Walters Family