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QAM thanks Greg Ackman for this aircraft which was donated through the Australian Governments Cultural Gifts Program.

The Winton Grasshopper was one of the first ultralight aircraft designed in Australia in the late seventies when the authorities promulgated ANO 95.10, which governed the construction and flight of small aeroplanes under 100kg empty weight. It was designed and built by Colin Winton of Sydney and later Coomera on the Queensland Gold Coast. Composites, particularly fibreglass, were used in its construction to keep the empty weight below 100kg. The Grasshopper was powered by a Robin EC44PM motor of 432cc capacity. Winton and his son, Scott, went on to design and build a number of other ultalights.

Purchased by Mr Juan Humberto Burnett of Perth and used for recreational flying mainly in the Rockingham area from 1978 to 1979. During this time, Burnett made a forced landing on a dry salt lake at Rockingham, due to a blocked fuel line. (Source: 1)

Burnett moved to Mt Newman in 1979, and made several long distance flights from that town. One such flight was to Lake Disappointment and return (during which extra fuel was carried), and another flight was made to Port Hedland. The machine crashed on two occasions whilst based at Mt Newman. Once at Newman itself, and once at Marble Bar. In both incidents, damage to the machine was minimal and Burnett was unhurt. (Source: 1)

Burnett returned to Perth, and did not get the opportunity to fly the Grasshopper again. The slightly damaged machine was donated to the RAAF Assn. Aviation Museum, where a rebuild was undertaken to bring the machine up to display condition. (Source: 1)

Purchased from the Aviation Heritage Museum, Bull Creek by Greg Ackman who loaned the aircraft to QAM.

Arrived at QAM, Caloundra by road The aircraft was later donated to QAM.



J.H. Burnett via Mervyn Prime.

Compiled by Ron Cuskelly
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Compiled By Ron Cuskelly


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