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Built by Westland at Yeovil, U.K. with constructor's number WA217.

Arrived in Australia on a merchant vessel.

Initially, the Westland constructor's number was painted on all Wessex as an RAN serial number but the "WA" prefix was subsequently replaced by "N7" on surviving aircraft. Wessex WA217 was assigned the RAN Side Number 827.

Damaged and placed in storage.

N7-217 was the only one of the remaining 24 Wessex which was not converted to Mk 31B status as the RAN purchased only 23 modification kits based on an assumed higher attrition rate.

Relegated to Instructional Airframe.

Noted outside the Museum building at Nowra as N7-217 with name "Jeanie" on the nose. (Source: AHSA News Jul-Nov 1985 #2 p.12)

All RAN Wessex were withdrawn from service by this date.

N7-217 joined the collection of the RAN Fleet Air Arm Museum.

Arrived at Caloundra by road from Nowra on indefinite loan from the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Nowra, NSW.

Ownership was transferred to QAM.

Compiled by Ron Cuskelly
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Compiled By Ron Cuskelly


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