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Offered to QAM by its builder, Mr Victor Weston of Cooran, Queensland.

Purchased from Victor Weston and trucked to QAM, Caloundra same day.
This full-size model portrays an early production Mark I, K9789 which was the fourth Spitfire built and the first delivered to a squadron (No 19 Sqn, RAF) in August 1938.
It is important to understand the rationale behind the construction of this representation. This is best left to the words of its builder, Vic Weston:
"I guess it was Douglas Bader (Kenneth Moore) in the film 'Reach for the Sky' that started my obsession with aeroplanes and the men who flew them in that era. That, and reading of the dogfights over the fields of England where I grew up, has captured my imagination to this day. I remember a phrase from one story that mentioned the 'confined cockpit of the Spitfire'. That moved me to find out what it was like. Having built many model aeroplanes, I just built a bigger one with a 1/24th plan and a calculator. At first I just built the cockpit and forward section. I was quite surprised at the results and it seemed like a good idea to continue, much of it from odd bits of wood and metal that came to hand. The wings were a challenge but, I reckon, when you start something you've got to finish it. It took many hours of work and almost took over my life. I feel satisfied I finished it so that others might get close to the look and charisma of the famous Spitfire."

This exhibit was dismantled and placed in storage to make room for the F-111 in Hangar 1.

Compiled by Ron Cuskelly
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Compiled By Ron Cuskelly


This exhibit was placed in storage in late 2012.

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