PTERODACTYL ASCENDER II+ 10-0665 C/N 1997304202

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QAM thanks Colin Carr for the donation of this aircraft.

Built by Pterodactyl Aircraft Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand.

Delivered ex NZ to Mr. J.C. Carr of Lae, PNG.

First registered with the Australian Ultralight Federation as 10-0665.

A Registration Renewal Notice issued by the Australian Ultralight Federation Ltd., shows the registration 10-0665 valid to 27NOV90.

Colin Carr of Thornlands, Qld offered to donate the aircraft to QAM.

Delivered to QAM at Caloundra.

Assembled at Caloundra.

The Pterodactyl Ascended. The aircraft was suspended from the roof of Hangar 2.

Compiled by Ron Cuskelly
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Compiled By Ron Cuskelly


Aircraft placed on display.

Issue: 3

DATE: 25 SEP 09

Added date first registered with AUF thanks to Tony Arbon.

Issue: 2

DATE: 22 SEP 09

Original issue. Compiled from QAM sources and paperwork which came with the aircraft. Researched by Don Cameron.

Issue: 1

DATE: 20 SEP 09

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