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QAM thanks Greg Ackman for this aircraft which was donated through the Australian Governments Cultural Gifts Program.

Manufactured by Piper Aircraft Inc., Florida, USA. Painted White and Madrid Red. Original engine: Lycoming O-235-L2C s/n L-18343-15. (Source: 1)

Issued with a standard certificate by Piper Aircraft Corp. as N2417F. (Source: 1)

First entry in Piper Log Book by Williams Aviation Co Inc at 31:57 (Source: 1)

First 100 hourly inspection. Organisation not recorded. (Source: 1)

Inspection by Cheyenne Aviation, Livermore, CA. TT: 290:12 (Source: 1)

Incorporation of Service Bulletins at Navajo Aviation, Concord, CA. TT: 730:00 (Source: 1)

Maintenance at Skywest of California, Livermore, CA. TT: 982:00 (Source: 1)

Maintenance at American Air Center Inc, Livermore, CA. TT: 1357:07 (Source: 1)

Maintenance at Navajo Aviation, Concord, CA. TT: 1359:00 (Source: 1)

Aircraft exterior sanded and painted at Navajo Aviation, Concord, CA. (Colours not recorded) TT: 1687:00 (Source: 1)

Engine change at Navajo Aviation, Concord, CA. Fitted Lycoming O-235-L2C s/n L17306-15. (Source: 1)

Engine change. Fitted Lycoming O-235-L2C s/n L21268-15. (Source: 1)

Final entry in Piper Log Book. TT: 2321:05 (Source: 1)

Application for Export Certificate of Airworthiness No. E273680 by Brent's International Inc., Alameda, CA on sale to John Bradley Aircraft Sales, Moorabbin, VIC. (Source: 1)

Australian Log Book opened at TT: 2325:14. CofA inspection carried out by Warwick Allen, Bankstown, NSW (Approval No. 2312) and registration VH-SCK applied. (Source: 1)

Registered VH-SCK to Heliwing, Robertson, NSW. (Source: 2)

Maintenance by Banninkare (Aircraft Engineers) Pty Ltd., Bankstown, NSW. (Source: 1)

AD compliance performed by F. Lindsay Investments Pty Ltd., Bankstown, NSW. Also completed repairs following indications of a heavy landing. TT: 2611:13 (Source: 1)

Registered to Geoff Westwood, Caringbah, NSW. (Source: 2)

Propeller removed for repair after striking turf previous day. TT: 3102:16 (Source: 1)

Maintenance by AFTS Aircraft Maintenance P/L, Bankstown, NSW. (Approval No 2414 same as F.Lindsay Investments). TT: 4355:09 (Source: 1)

Registered to Lynette Westwood, Caringbah, NSW. (Source: 2)

Registered to Robert Marshall, Camden, NSW. (Source: 2)

Registered to Tasman Pacific Aviation trading as South Coast Aviation, Albion Park, NSW. (Source: 2)

Registered to David Garnock, Moruya, NSW. (Source: 2)

Aircraft stripped and repainted by P.M. Aviation, Moruya, NSW. TT: 4837:05 (Source: 1)

Suffered minor damage at Moruya. (Source: 2)

Repairs by P.M. Aviation, Moruya, NSW following heavy landing. Damage to left wing tip, left upper outer rear wing skin, left aileron, inboard lower inner wing skin and rudder lower capping panel. (Source: 1)

Repairs completed. (Source: 1)

Maintenance by Delta Aviation Services Pty Ltd., Camden, NSW. TT: 5046:58 (Source: 1)

Registered to Air Training Camden trading as Camden Aviation, Camden, NSW (Principal Lyndsay Lobwein). (Source: 2) The aircraft was used under contract to the Australian Air Force Cadets and therefore many RAAF pilots would have received their initial training on this aircraft. (Source: 3)

Registered to Lindsay Lobwein, Caringbah, NSW. (Source: 2)

Purchased by Greg Ackman, Camden, NSW. (Source: 3)

Registered to Greg Ackman, Camden, NSW. (Source: 2)

Last flight (18 minutes) by Annette Barnes (pilot) and Greg Ackman (co-pilot). TT: 6754:54. To this date the aircraft had been maintained by Delta Aviation Services Pty Ltd., Camden, NSW. (Source: 1)
"The aircraft was withdrawn from service during the global financial crisis because the engine required an overhaul. We planned the last flight for sentimental reasons as Annette Barnes was the last student to be trained on VH-SCK and she soloed in the aircraft which she had named Tommy Boy. I originally purchased it from Lindsay Lobwein in 2006 as a gift to her so she could learn to fly in her own aircraft." (Source: 3)

Placed on loan to QAM by Greg Ackman. QAM crew began dismantling the aircraft at Camden on this date.

Arrived at QAM Caloundra by road from Camden.

Donated to QAM by Greg Ackman.



Aircraft log books held by QAM.


Tony Arbon, AustAirData


Greg Ackman

Compiled by Ron Cuskelly
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