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Registered HB-FFS to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke. (Source: 1)

Delivered ex the Pilatus factory. (Source: 1)

Departed Stans, Switzerland on delivery to Australia as HB-FFS.

Arrived at RAAF Amberley as HB-FFS. The aircraft was to become A14-731, however this was changed to A14-705 to avoid conflict with the serials of the Army's Bell Sioux helicopters. (Source: 2)

Struck off the Swiss Register. (Source: 1)

Oakey was struck by a severe storm. The Courier-Mail of 26MAR78 reported that 15 aircraft were damaged. Aircraft were torn free from their moorings and it was reported that some were write-offs. It is not known which specific aircraft were damaged but it is speculated that this is what might have led to A14-705 having its forward fuselage replaced.

A14-705 performed at the Bicentennial Air Show at RAAF Richmond.

The Porter was officially withdrawn from Army service to be replaced by the GAF Nomad. (Source: 2)

Sold to Jim Czerwinski. (Source: 1)

Registered VH-ZCZ to Jim Czerwinski. (Source: 1)

Cancelled from the Australian Register on sale to Canada as C-GZCZ. (Source: 1)

Registered in Germany as D-FREE. The aircraft is current at the time of writing. (Source: 1)

Note: The fact that the original forward fuselage of msn 731 remains in Australia suggests that A14-705 was damaged in service and the entire forward fuselage was replaced with a new sub-assembly with the rebuilt airframe retaining the serial number 731. Therefore, further study of the history of this aircraft after it departed Australia must be regarded as academic.

Collected from Museum of Australian Army Flying at Oakey. Obtained by QAM under an exchange agreement.
The data plate on the firewall (termed Brantspant by Pilatus) reads as follows:

Fabr No. 731
Kontr 4.1.71

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