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First flown. Registered to Nord Aviation as F-WOFD.

Re-registered F-BPNY to Nord Aviation.

To Air Comores as F-BPNY.

To Rousseau Aviation as F-BPNY.

To Ransome Airlines as N26228.

To Allegheny Airlines as N29811.

Converted to a Mohawk 298 by Frakes Aviation with the substitution of two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-45 engines in place of the original Turbomeca Bastan engines. N29811 was one of nine aircraft converted for Allegheny Airlines between 1975 and 1978.

Leased to Ransome Airlines as N29811.

Registered to Ransome Airlines Inc. as N29811 having previously been registered to USAir.

To Pan Am Express as N29811.

Cancelled from US Register.

Noted at Brisbane after trans Pacific delivery flight.

Arrived Adelaide on delivery to Lloyd Aviation.

Registered VH-HIX to Lloyd Aviation, Adelaide.

Ferried Adelaide-Tamworth-Brisbane for services to Bundaberg and Gladstone.

Lloyd sold its Queensland operation along with the four Mohawks to Queensland Pacific Airlines (part of the Norfolk Group).

Lloyd Air (Queensland) operations ceased.

Queensland Pacific Airlines commenced operations. Ports served at various times included Brisbane, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville, Blackwater, Thangool, Coolangatta and Newcastle.

Various Mohawks (including VH-HIX) were leased periodically to Par Avion, Tasmania for services between Launceston, Devonport and Essendon. The aircraft carried Queensland Pacific livery. These leases ceased on 09FEB90.

Queensland Pacific Airlines ceased operations.

To Southern Pacific Regional Airlines as VH-HIX.

Various Mohawks (including VH-HIX) were leased periodically to Ansett Express, Sydney for services between Sydney, Dubbo and Tamworth. These leases ceased in October 1992.

Southern Pacific Regional Airlines commenced operations between Brisbane, Bundaberg and Gladstone.

Noted stored at Brisbane with Southern Pacific titles.

Noted at Brisbane in service with Southern Pacific.

VH-HIX commenced operating under lease to Ansett Express on services between Sydney, Dubbo and Tamworth. Various Mohawks were leased periodically to Ansett Express from 08APR91. The aircraft were operated with Southern Pacific Regional Airlines titles and either SPRA livery or QPA livery. These leases were terminated the day after VH-HKS lost a propeller blade in flight on 01FEB93. (Source: 1)

VH-HIX completed operations for Ansett Express. (Source: 1)

Southern Pacific Regional Airlines ceased operations and VH-HIX was withdrawn from service at Bundaberg.

Auctioned in Sydney by Pickles Aviation Division. Total Time 34,475 hrs. Purchased by the UK based Majestic Group.

Registered to Rick Wright, Kangaroo Point, Queensland as VH-HIX.

Majestic Airways commenced operations between Brisbane and Hervey Bay.

Registered to Majestic Airways, Albany Creek, Queensland as VH-HIX.

Majestic Airways commenced services between Bundaberg and Brisbane with VH-HIX.

Majestic suspended flights to Bundaberg.

Last flight in VH-HIX for Capt Ian Millard. (Source: 2)

Majestic Airways ceased operations.

Withdrawn from service at Bundaberg.

Last flight by a Mohawk in Australia, Brisbane-Bundaberg by VH-HEI flown by Capt Ian Millard. (Source: 2)

Noted at Bundaberg in full Majestic Airways colours.

Advertised for sale by Majestic Airways ex Bundaberg.

Struck off Australian Register.

Sold to Queensland Air Museum.

Arrived at QAM Caloundra by truck. The aircraft was later painted in Queensland Pacific Airlines colours as VH-HIX.

H-HIX is the sole survivor of four Mohawk 298s imported into Australia by Lloyd Aviation in 1987.

Compiled by Ron Cuskelly
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Scott A. Casson, The Yellow Canary, 2014


Ian Millard.

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