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QAM thanks Barry Evans for the donation of this aircraft.

The design and production of the ultralight Kestrel was the product of the efforts of Cec Lea, one of the pioneers of ultralight aircraft design and construction in Australia. A single seat, high wing, tractor engine aircraft it first appeared about 1990 and examples were still being registered in the 95.10 registration series as late as mid-2000. The 95.10 class aircraft, those with a maximum take-off weight of less than 300kg, do not have to be registered under CASA regulations, instead this is done by Recreational Aviation Australia Inc. Lea sold both completed aircraft and kits for owner construction. All were powered by the Austrian Rotax 503 engine and many, if not all, were fitted with a Brolga three blade carbon/glass composite propeller. Some 16 Kestrels were built.

Built by Doug Muir. (Source: RA-Aus Register)

Placed on the RA-Aus Register as 10-0001 in Category F (aircraft that have not, at the time, flown the 40 hours required for full registration). It was permissible to omit some or all of the leading zeros of the registration so the aircraft was painted as "10-01". This registration was originally allocated to the Thruster Gemini two-seat trainer prototype. (Source: RA-Aus Register)

Donated to QAM by Barry Evans and handed over on this date. Total Time: 390 hours.

Suspended from the roof of Hangar 2.

Compiled by Ron Cuskelly
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Compiled By Ron Cuskelly


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