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QAM thanks Bob and Julie Kent of Esperance Helitours for the donation of this aircraft.

Manufactured under licence in Japan by Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. Gifu, Japan as a development of the Bell 47G-3B.

Registered JA7111 to Japan Maritime Safety Agency. (Source: 4)

To Nishi Nihon Koyu. (Source: 4)

Believed to have been written off in an accident. (Source: 4)

Registration cancelled as withdrawn from use. (Source: 4)

Registered to Helicopter Exchange, Caboolture, Qld. (Source: 1)

Registered to Simon Taylor, Casuarina, NT. (Source: 1)

Registered to HP Steer, Daylesford, Vic. (Source: 1)

Registered to AMT Helicopters, Caboolture, Qld (Date is correct - same day as previous entry). (Source: 1)

Registered to Helirocky, Rockhampton, Qld. (Source: 1)

Registered to Damaged 20km SW Bowen - hit power line whilst spraying. (Source: 1)

Registered to AMT Helicopters, Caboolture, Qld. (Source: 1)

Rebuilt by AMT Helicopters "after a heavy landing". Total Time: 5900:00. This is the first entry in the log books provided to QAM. (Source: 2)

Registered to Southern Cross Helicopters, Armidale, NSW (Source: 1).

Registered to Heli-Man Aviation, Melbourne, Vic (Source: 1).

Aircraft was fitted with floats. (Source: 2)

Aircraft was fitted with a video camera. (Source: 2)

Registered to Helibiz, Airlie Beach, Qld. (Source: 1)

Registered to Robert Kent, Esperance, WA. (Source: 1)

"We purchased the aircraft in 2004 from Helibiz in Airlie Beach Qld. It had been in operation doing tourist flights in that area. We purchased it with floats and skids. It did not have a video camera fitted when we purchased it. The floats were integral to our operation as we used it to do scenic flights over our beautiful Recherche Archepelago in Esperance WA and it made it legal to fly over water with floats. We purchased a Robinson R44 Clipper 11 in 2007, as the old girl was very expensive to run and maintain and parts were becoming hard to find for her. We were very sad to see her go, being our first chopper but are very happy she still has a purpose at your museum. She has been mainly used for scenic flights but has done a fair share of search and rescue missions in our area." (Source: 3)

Last flight 1hr 15min. Total Time: 6866:31. (Source: 2)

Cancelled - withdrawn from use. (Source: 1)

Moved to QAM for storage pending a decision on its future.

Bob and Julie Kent of Esperance Helitours donated VH-HFZ to QAM.

QAM also holds airframe sections from other similar helicopters. See Here
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Compiled By Ron Cuskelly



AustAirData, Tony Arbon


Aircraft Log Books


Julie Kent, Esperance Helitours


Jos Steven of Jos Stevens, www.rotorspot.nl


Year of manufacture and year of first registration corrected from 1970 to 1972.

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Added information on the aircraft’s early history thanks to Jos Stevens of www.rotorspot.nl

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