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QAM thanks Greg Ackman for this aircraft which was donated through the Australian Governments Cultural Gifts Program.

First flown as F.Mk.6 XE614.

Accepted by RAF. (Source: 3)

At No 5 Maintenance Unit. (Source: 3)

At No 263 Sqn coded R. (Source: 3)

Issued to No 263 Sqn at RAF Wattisham

No 263 Sqn disbanded at RAF Stradishall.

At No 1 Sqn coded R. (Source: 3)

Overran the runway at Duxford sustaining Cat 3R damage. (Source: 3)

At Hawkers, Dunsfold for repair. (Source: 3)

Repairs completed. (Source: 3)

To Hawkers for conversion to F.R. Mk. 10. (Source: 3)

At No 19 Maintenance Unit. (Source: 3)

Conversion completed. (Source: 3)

Allotted to the RAF Middle East Air Force. (Source: 3)

At No 8 Sqn coded W. (Source: 3)

1417 Flight was formed at RAF Khormaksar, Aden to provide a photo reconnaissance capability for No 8 Squadron RAF which operated the Hunter FGA Mk 9 as part of the Aden Strike Wing. 1417 Flight took over the five Hunter FR Mk 10 (including XE614) which were previously assigned to 8 Sqn. The first Commanding Officer of 1417 Flight was Peter Lewis whose personal aircraft, XE614, carried his initials PL on the tail and nosewheel door. Peter Lewis' account of his time in Aden can be read here.

XE614 allotted to No 1417 Flight. (Source: 3)

By the end of April 1963, 1417 Flight was ready for operations. (Source: 1)

Flight Lieutenant George Cole joined 1417 Flight at RAF Khormaksar, Aden where he was allotted Hunter XE614. Hunters of 1417 Flight carried their pilot's initials as codes so XE614 was painted as GC. "1417 Flight was a very small flight with five aircraft and six pilots and a very popular posting as 90% of the flying was at low level, very low level. I had also managed to arrive on the flight at the time the Radfan campaign started, so the flying tended to be varied and interesting. Only pilots from 1417 Flight were cleared to fly as singletons upcountry." (Source: 2)

George Cole's first flight in XE614. (Source: 2)

George Cole in XE614 was escorting another Hunter returning to Muharaq via Masirah. Climbing out from Masirah after refuelling, the engine of XE614 surged and flamed-out. Fortunately, the weather was perfect and the subsequent dead-stick landing back at Masirah was not a problem. The whole flight had lasted only 20 minutes. George Cole returned to Khormaksar on an Argosy of No 105 Sqn and thus never learned the reason for the flame-out. XE614 remained at Masirah where the engine was changed. (Source: 2)

Allotted to No 19 Maintenance Unit. (Source: 3)

Allotted to No 5 Maintenance Unit. (Source: 3)

George Cole's last flight in XE614. It is believed that XE614 returned to the U.K. for servicing shortly thereafter. (Source: 2) (See next entry)

XE614 was photographed still in service with 1417 Flight assigned to Flt Lt Richard Johns and carrying his initials RJ.

XE614 later carried the code RW. (Source: 3)

At No 8 Sqn coded Z. (Source: 3)

Damaged in a heavy landing. (Source: 3)

At No 19 Maintenance Unit. (Source: 3)

The Republic of Singapore ordered 12 FGA Mk.74 fighter-bombers and 4 FR Mk.74A reconnaissance fighters.

At No 5 Maintenance Unit. (Source: 3)

At No 8 Sqn coded Z. (Source: 3)
At this time 8 Sqn was based at RAF Muharraq, Bahrain.

Flown to the UK in Belfast XR363 Goliath. (Source: 3)

To Hawker Siddeley Aviation. (Source: 3)

1417 Flight disbanded.

Refurbished as FR Mk.74A for Singapore's Air Defence Command (later RSAF).

Sold to Hawker Siddeley Aviation.

Allocated British Class B registration G-9-366. (Source: 3)

Allocated Singapore ADC serial 533.

Modified to FR.Mk.74B.

Photographed at RAAF Williamtown.

Modified to FGA Mk.74BS.

Last flight with RSAF. Total Time 4736:6 hours. Fatigue Life 63.98%

Sold to Geoff Moesker.

Sold to Greg Ackman.

Arrived at Caloundra by road from Tocumwal.

Reassembled at Caloundra.

Donated to QAM by Greg Ackman.

For more information on Hunters in the Middle East during the sixties, please visit Ray Deacon’s comprehensive website:
Radfan Hunters
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Peter Lewis


George Cole


Hawker Hunters in RAF Service, Part 10, Keith Wilson-Clark, Air-Britain Aviation World, Winter 2019.


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