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Contract SP/6ACFT/9817/CB 7a issued for the second production batch of 100 Hunters to be built by Hawker Aircraft (Blackpool) Ltd. Built at Squires Gate, Blackpool as part of batch XF289 to XF324. XF311 was shop number 93.

First flight

Awaiting collection

Issued to No 5 MU

Delivered to No 5 Maintenance Unit at Kemble.

Issued to No 234 Sqn at Geilenkirchen [Coded B]

Issued to No 130 Sqn RAF based at Bruggen, Germany [Coded V]

Flight 50mins ex Bruggen, Fg Off John Oxenford No 130 Sqn

Flight 35mins ex Bruggen, Fg Off John Oxenford No 130 Sqn (Source: Fg Off Oxenford's logbook)

Issued to No 112 Sqn at Bruggen.

No 112 Sqn disbanded. Historian Peter Middlebrook (UK) speculates that XF311 probably never wore 112 Sqn markings as it was transferred from 130 Sqn to 112 Sqn to make up numbers after 130 Sqn disbanded. These movements were a result of the disbanding of the Germany fighter squadrons arising out of government policy that fighters were obsolete and would be replaced by missiles.

Issued to No 5 Maintenance Unit at Kemble

Transferred to non-effective stock at 5MU

Issued to Royal Navy HMS Condor at Arbroath as Ground Instructional Airframe No A2566 with engine Number E4577. (Class 1 airframe - in flying condition with all mods incorporated. Engine run every two weeks and aircraft flown once a month).

Transferred to the Admiralty as free issue.

Downgraded to Class 2 (capable of being restored to flying condition although only minimal anti-corrosion maintenance carried out). Engine number E4578.

Struck off charge by the Royal Navy

Sold to Hawker Siddeley Aviation

Sold to Singapore Air Force Technical College as SAF-TECH-11

QAM resolved to purchase Meteor WA880, Hunter XF311 and Sea Vixen XJ490 from the Aik Hong Hardware Company of Singapore.

Removed from Sentosa by QAM on barge "Tai Chen"

Arrived at QAM Caloundra in 2 containers

Repainted in RAF colours by Dieter and Manfred Hitchins

The aircraft was inspected at Caloundra and found to carry the following "Build Numbers":

Nose Wheel Well: HABL004088, Port Main Wheel Well: HABL003072

Compiled by Ron Cuskelly
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Compiled By Ron Cuskelly


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