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QAM thanks Whitaker Holden Pty. Ltd. (Bevan Whitaker) for the donation of this aircraft.

Fitted with Allison 250-B17B s/n CAE 880091 (port) s/n CAE 880064 (stbd) (Source: 1).

First flown.

Registered to GAF as VH-BFH.

Test flown at Avalon Airfield and certified in accordance with the N22 Production Flight Test Schedule. Pilot's signature appears to be Stuart Pearce (Licence No SCPL 1776) (Source: 1)

100 hourly inspection carried out at GAF, Avalon (TT:5:00 Landings: 6) (Source: 1)

Certificate of Aircraft Build Standard issued by Government Aircraft Factories, Department of Industry and Commerce, Avalon Airfield. Certificate of Type Approval 73-1. (Source: 1)

Registration not taken up. Evidently a sale to the USA that did not eventuate. (Source: 2)

Flown Avalon-Bankstown (2:30). Exact date not shown. (Source: 1)

Departed Bankstown for Copenhagen. (Source: 1)

Logbook shows next owner as Nordic Aviation, Bromma Airport, Stockholm, Sweden. (Source: 1)

Log book entry in Danish shows TT:92:30. (Source: 1)

Weighed by Scan Aviation, Copenhagen. (Source: 1)

Registered OY-ATU to Hope Computer A/S trading as Hope Skyways, Hadsund, Denmark.

Noted at Copenhagen as OY-ATU.

Cancelled from Danish Register.

Registered VH-BFH to GAF and repainted as VH-BFH at Copenhagen (TT:104:15) (Source: 1)

Departed Copenhagen for Farnborough as VH-BFH.

Photographed on static display at the Farnborough Air Show.

Compass swing performed at Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen. (TT:114:30) (Source: 1)

Noted at Essendon as VH-BFH.

Fin damaged by storm. (TT: 289:20) (Source: 1)

Fin repaired by Executive Air Services Pty Ltd. (Source: 1)

300 hourly by Executive Air Maintenance Pty Ltd. (TT: 303:35) (Source: 1)

100 and 200 hourly inspections and compass swing performed by Executive Air Maintenance Pty Ltd. (TT: 357.15) (Source: 1)

Delivered to Perth on lease to Skywest Jet Charter. At the time, Skywest Nomads were operating shuttle services between remote mine sites and major Pilbara airports connecting with MMA jet services. For a lease of such short duration it is unlikely that the aircraft would have carried Skywest markings.

Returned to Melbourne.

100/200/300 hourly plus major inspection and compass swing performed by H.C. Sleigh Aviation Ltd (trading as Executive Air Maintenance) (TT: 445:40) (Source: 1)

Many modifications incorporated by G.A.F. at Avalon including installation of a ferry tank. (TT:450:15) (Source: 1)

Arrived in New Zealand as VH-BFH on delivery to Stewart Island Air Service, N.Z.

Ferry tank removed. (TT: 452:10) (Source: 1)

Left hand prop reduction gearbox replaced. (TT:474:35) (Source: 1)

Cancelled from the Australian Register. (Source: 2)

Registered ZK-SAL to Southern Air Ltd, Invercargill.

Repairs carried out to stub wings after a heavy landing. (Source: 1)

Departed NZ for Norfolk Island and Lord Howe Island

Arrived Brisbane International on delivery to Barrier Reef Airways as ZK-SAL. Aircraft hours transferred from N.Z. log books (not available to QAM) (TT: 1990:11) (Source: 1)

Cancelled from NZ Register.

Maintenance Release issued by Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd on behalf of Barrier Reef Airways. (Source: 1)

Registered VH-BFH to Barrier Reef Airways, Brisbane. (Source: 2)

Final entry in logbook, Check 2 by Barrier Reef Airways. (TT: 2434:09) (Source: 1)

Cancelled from Australian Register as withdrawn from service.

Damaged by hail at Brisbane Airport.

Dismantled and trucked to Maryborough for use as spares by Sunstate.

Donated to QAM by Whitaker Holden Pty Ltd, Maryborough.

Trucked to Caloundra.

Painting commenced.

Bevan Whitaker passed away in Maryborough at age ninety.

Compiled by Ron Cuskelly
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Compiled By Ron Cuskelly



Aircraft Log Book held by QAM.


Tony Arbon (AustAirData).


Added an image of the aircraft in service with Barrier Reef Airways thanks to David Thollar.

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