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The Calair Skyfox was built on Caloundra Aerodrome – the home of QAM
QAM thanks the Skyfox Flying School for the donation of this aircraft.

The Calair CA21 prototype VH-CAL (msn CA21001) flew for the first time at Caloundra in the hands of test pilot, Peter Plaisted. The aircraft was subsequently used as the "Skyfox Research and Development Aircraft" until at least May 1998. In this guise it would have served as the prototype for the succeeding CA22, CA25 and CA25N models.

VH-CAL (msn CA21001) was transferred to the AUF/RAAus Register as 19-4140 and later re-registered 55-4140.

A composite Skyfox airframe was mounted on a pole beside the Bruce Highway at Glenview near Caloundra for the purpose of advertising the Skyfox Flying School. This composite airframe was subsequently removed from its pole and donated to the Queensland Air Museum by the Skyfox Flying School in 2007. This airframe has been statically restored to represent the original prototype VH-CAL in its markings as the "Skyfox Research and Development Aircraft".

* This composite airframe is said to comprise some or all of the following:

MSN Regn. Component
CA21001 VH-CAL Wings
CA21002 nil Section from an unflown test fuselage
CA21003 nil Section from an unflown test fuselage
CA21012 55-0606 Tail
CA21015 55-0610 Fuselage

A Special Note on Photographs & Identities

It is traditional for an aircraft to take its identity from the fuselage but what is a fuselage without wings but a dangerously inadequate automobile. The wing’s the thing! The composite aircraft displayed at QAM incorporates the wings from the prototype VH-CAL and this is the identity that has been chosen for QAM’s display aircraft because the prototype is of great local significance to Caloundra. Therefore, it should be noted that the majority of in-service photographs on this page do not depict the fuselage on display at QAM.
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Compiled By Ron Cuskelly


This page has been greatly expanded thanks to a wealth of material supplied by Tom Harwood who assisted Calair on publicity matters and acted as a Skyfox demonstration pilot and salesman.

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