CAC CA-30 / MACCHI MB-326H A7-072 MSN CA30-72

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Built by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation, Melbourne and fitted with Viper engine s/n CAC116.

First flown.

Delivered to the RAAF Aircraft Research and Development Unit (ARDU) at Laverton on Delivery Note A23112.

Flew at an air show at Laverton. (Source: 2) Picture

A7-072 flown by FLTLT D.W.M. Rule along with A7-005 flown by FLTLT B.A. Wilson departed Laverton for Woomera to conduct spinning trials.
Laverton-Woomera: 3hrs 30 mins
Trials: 9 hrs
(Source: 1)

A7-072 and A7-005 returned to Laverton having flown 13 sorties.
Woomera-Laverton: 3hrs 40mins
(Source: 1)

A7-072 departed Laverton for Avalon and Edinburgh to support Mirage A3-16 which had landed at Edinburgh the previous day with hydraulic failure while en route Avalon-Woomera. A7-072 returned to Laverton the same day. (Source: 1)

Flown by SQNLDR I.H. Ashbrook and FLTLT B.G. Haylock from Laverton to Richmond for FLTLT Haylock to discuss with AMTDU staff a possible test requirement to lay cables by helicopter. The aircraft returned to Laverton the same day. (Source: 1)

Flown by FLTLT P.G. Dickens to RAAF Fairbairn, Canberra for a meeting to discuss the CT-4 Airtrainer. The aircraft returned to Laverton the same day. (Source: 1)

GPCAPT R.N. Law with SGT A.W. Osmond as passenger departed Laverton for Woomera via Edinburgh. On arrival at Edinburgh the aircraft went u/s with a gyro fault. SGT Osmond was flown to Woomera by ARDU Canberra A84-237. Both aircraft returned to Laverton the same day. (Source: 1)

FLTLT T.L. Farquharson departed Laverton for East Sale where A7-072 underwent an E servicing. The pilot returned to Laverton in Macchi A7-068 which was to undergo modification at ARDU. (Source: 1)

FLTLT D.P. Robson and SGT K. Marrinon departed Laverton for Woomera via Edinburgh. (Source: 1)

FLTLT D.P. Robson and CPL K.W. Lovett returned to Laverton from Woomera via Edinburgh on the completion of trials at Woomera. . (Source: 1)

SQNLDR I.H. Ashbrook with Mr F.E. Verinder flew from Laverton to Canberra to attend a meeting of the KARINGA/F-111C Compatibility Verification Working Party returning the same day. (Source: 1)

FLTLT B.G. Haylock with FLTLT F.A. Tait as passenger flew from Laverton to Oakey via Richmond for discussions with Army personnel on Test Schedule 1633 (Kiowa Performance Evaluation). The aircraft returned to Laverton the same day. This is the last mention of A7-072 in the ARDU ORB. (Source: 1)

A7-072 subsequently served with the RAAF Central Flying School (CFS) at East Sale, Vic. (Source: 2) It is reported that A7-072 also served with the Roulettes but this is subject to confirmation.

A7-072 subsequently served with the No 2 Flying Training School (2FTS) at Pearce, WA. (Source: 2)

No. 79 Squadron was re-formed as a training unit located at RAAF Base Pearce near Perth in Western Australia. The squadron was initially equipped with Macchi MB-326H before converting to the BAe Hawk beginning in 2000. A7-072 was allotted to 79SQN for an unknown period. (Source: 3)

Last Flight: Ferried from 79SQN to RSTT Wagga by P. Norford (1.2 hrs) Total Time: 7204 hrs. (Source: 4)

Along with many other Macchis, A7-072 was used as training aid at the RAAF School of Technical Training (RSTT) at Wagga Wagga, NSW. (Source: 2)

EE 500 suggests that engine was run. (Source: 4)

EE 500 suggests that aircraft was taxied. (Source: 4)

Last entry in EE 500. (Source: 4)

Gifted to QAM by the Commonwealth via Director-General History and Heritage-Air Force (DGHH-AF) GPCAPT P. Norford.

Fuselage departed by road from Wagga Wagga to Caloundra. Remaining components departed the following day.

Fuselage and wings arrived at Caloundra.

The fuselage emerged from the QAM paintshop.

By this date the aircraft was completely reassembled and repainted.



RAAF Unit History sheets (Form A50) [Operations Record Book - Forms A50 and A51] ARDU Edinburugh Dec 60 - Jun 82. Series number A9186




Maintenance Form EE 500 #640351

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