CAC CA-27 SABRE MK 31 A94-935 C/N CA27-35

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Trucked from Fishermens Bend to Avalon. (Source: 1)

First flown. (Source: 1)

Received at No 1 Aircraft Depot, Laverton from Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation with Rolls Royce Avon number RR 3447 installed. (Source: 1)

Unserviceable at 1AD. (Source: 1)

Allotted to 78 Wing ex 1AD. (Source: 1)

Received at 78 Wing. (Source: 1)

While operating with No 3 Sqn Williamtown, the engine flamed out and the aircraft made a wheels down forced landing at an abandoned airstrip at Bulga south-west of Singleton, NSW causing major damage. Such was the extent of the damage that the aircraft was recommended for conversion to components. (Source: 1)

A rural post and wire fence had been constructed across the old Bulga airstrip and the pilot optimistically tried to steer the aircraft through the only opening which was a rural type gate with bush timber support posts. (Source: 5)

Pilot was Flt.Lt. V. Barkell 022187 (Source: 3)

78 Wing requested an allotment for investigation and repairs. (Source: 1)

The aircraft was despatched to CAC at Fishermens Bend for a survey and submission of an estimate of the cost of repairs. (Source: 1)

Received at CAC Fishermens Bend. (Source: 1)

Received at 1AD ex CAC after repairs. (Source: 1)

Allotted to No 75 Sqn ex 1AD. (Source: 1)

Received at No 75 Sqn ex 1AD. (Source: 1)

Allotted to 1AD ex No 75 Sqn for investigation of excessive vibration. (Source: 1)

Received at 1AD. (Source: 1)

Allotted to Base Squadron, Williamtown ex 1AD. (Source: 1)

Despatched to Williamtown. (Source: 1)

To be used by No 75 Sqn. (Source: 1)

Transferred to 81 Wing. (Source: 1)

No 75 Sqn deployed 12 Sabres from Williamtown to Darwin via Woomera and Alice Springs for Operation "High Society". (Source: 4)

A94-935 photographed at Darwin wearing 75SQN markings of black and white nose band. Aircraft was reportedly assigned to Flying Officer Mike Feiss but was depicted being flown by Flying Officer J.D. Pyman. (Source: 6)

Operation "High Society" concluded and the 12 Sabres from No 75 Sqn departed Darwin for Williamtown via Townsville. (Source: 4)

No 76 Sqn was on Air Defence Exercise at Williamtown from 0925 to 1830 hours. It was the first full scale ADEX that 76SQN had taken part in. Sqn Ldr Ray F. Fox in A94-935 crashed on take-off on the last sortie of the day. The aircraft came to rest inverted beside the runway. The aircraft was a write-off but the pilot was not injured. (Source: 2) (Some accounts quote the date of the accident as 26OCT61).

"The pilot, Ray Fox, had been fully kitted up and sitting in the cockpit for some hours at the eastern end of Williamtown strip to simulate a scramble exercise. There was no provision for cockpit shade. On receipt of the scramble order he and two other Sabres took off in a westerly direction towards late afternoon sun. Instrumentation was obscured by the glare of the sun and he attempted to rotate at too low a speed. The left wing touched the runway which slowed the aircraft down more and it then cartwheeled off the runway into scrub. The wing bolts sheared off and the fuselage and wings were separated. The fuselage continued along upside down with the canopy smashed and Ray Fox having his face dragged through the sandy Williamtown soil. When the fuselage stopped, Ray escaped through the smashed canopy, shaken but uninjured. He moved away from the crash site fearing a fire and then sat down for a cigarette to relax himself. The RAAF rescue crew who arrived soon after found the Sabre cockpit empty! Ray returned to the crash site and assured everybody he was OK except for nostrils and mouth full of sand from ploughing the ground upside down!" (Source: 5)

In retelling the stories of both crashes involving A94-935, Wg Cdr Jackson would refer to the aircraft as "poor old 935". (Source: 5)

Allotted to RAAF School of Technical Training (RSTT) Wagga ex 81 Wing to general reserve pending Dept of Air approval to convert to an instructional aid. (Source: 1)

Despatched to RSTT Wagga. (Source: 1)

Letter despatched to Dept of Air requesting approval to convert to an instructional aid. (Source: 1)

Dept of Air approved conversion to an instructional aid. (Source: 1)

Airframe to be renumbered Inst No 3 (Sabre Instructional Airframe No 3). (Source: 1)

Stored by RSTT Wagga. (Source: 1)

Richard Winterburn purchased the rear fuselage of Sabre A94-955 from a scrap dealer at Bayswater. It was the beginning of a collection which eventually became the Derelict Aircraft Museum. (Source: 7)

A94-935 was allotted to No 1 Central Ammunition Depot, Orchard Hills, NSW for Explosives Ordinance Demolition Flight in response to a request for an obsolete aircraft for use as a training aid. Complete destruction will eventuate. (Source: 1)

No 1 CAMD advises that destruction of A94-935 has been completed. (Source: 1)

Darryl Gibbs acquired the rear fuselage of A94-955 from Dick Winterburn and transported it to Clyde North. (Source: 8)

Darryl Gibbs traded the rear fuselage of A94-955 plus a Beaufighter fuselage to HARS in return for Vampire A79-807. The Vampire had belonged to Gary Volkers (HARS) but he had approved its exchange for Beaufighter parts. (Source: 8)

A collection of Sabre parts was purchased by QAM from Gary Volkers (HARS) and transported from Grafton to Caloundra. Included in the purchase were forward (A94-935) and rear (A94-955) fuselages and an engine located in Sydney.

The fuselage sections were transported from Sydney to Caloundra.
NOTE:The rear fuselage section obtained from Sydney is clearly marked A94-955, although this section is obviously unrelated to the forward fuselage section which was severely damaged. Furthermore, it is known that A94-955 was gifted to Indonesia and later acquired by Kermit Weeks in the U.S. After delivery to Caloundra, the damaged forward fuselage was found to be marked A94-935 in several places. As the damage present on QAMs forward fuselage corresponds with the known fate of A94-935, there is little doubt that the aeroplane in QAMs possession is A94-935.

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RAAF Form E/E.88 Airframe Record Card


NAA: RAAF Unit History sheets (Form A50) [Operations Record Book - Forms A50 and A51] Number 76 Squadron Jan 60 - Aug 73 Series number A9186


NAA: RAAF Unit History sheets (Form A50) [Operations Record Book - Forms A50 and A51] Number 3 Squadron Mar 48 - Nov 61 Series number A9186


NAA: RAAF Unit History sheets (Form A50) [Operations Record Book - Forms A50 and A51] Number 75 Squadron Mar 42 - Nov 61 Series number A9186


The late Wg Cdr Steve Jackson via his son Ken Jackson. At the time, Steve Jackson was an engineering officer at Williamtown.


State Library of NSW Ref ON173-10461.


Richard Winterburn 2017.


Darryl Gibbs 2017.


Added details of the provenance of the rear fuselage of A94-955 thanks to Darryl Gibbs (Source: 8).

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