CAC CA-25 WINJEEL A85-410 C/N CA25-10

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Factory completion date. (Engine #7918, Propellor #T37870).

First flight.

Received at 1AD Laverton ex CAC Fishermen's Bend under delivery note number A19724.

Allotted to No 1 BFTS, Uranquinty and ready for collection at 1AD.

Received at No 1 BFTS, Uranquinty ex 1AD.

Transferred with No 1 BFTS to new location at Point Cook.

Incident at Point Cook. FLTLT P.K. Brown (033641) and Air Cadet Thompson (A216421). Side window opened for cooling during taxy, shattered with force, scattering pieces throughout aircraft and penetrating pilot's suits. Time Since New: 793 hours. (Source: 1)

Incident at Point Cook. FLTLT R.H. Martin (022188) and Cadet AC K.J. Williams (A24897). Taxied to holding point for run-up, on student applying parking brakes, sharp crack heard and left rudder pedal collapsed; taxied back to hangars by instructor. TSN:993 hours. (Source: 1)

Incident at Point Cook. LT A. Ignatieff RAN. Partial engine failure after take-off, power reduced and emergency landing carried out; starboard magneto distribution block caused a dead cut on one bank of plugs. (Source: 1)

Special Occurrence Report Point Cook (file missing). R.R. Croft (033729). (Source: 1)

Incident at Point Cook. SQNLDR W.S. McGowan (35301). On air test, severe engine backfire and cockpit filled with smoke, force landed at Point Cook; supercharger oil seal. (Source: 1)

Despatched to CAC, Fishermen's Bend ex No 1 BFTS for E service.

Received at No 1 BFTS ex CAC.

Despatched to CAC, Fishermen's Bend for E service of mainplane and centre section.

Received at No 1 BFTS ex CAC.

Incident. Excessive engine vibration, PAN declared, landed OK and shut down. (Source: 1)

Flown for 1:30 by Flt Lt Wellington & Flt Lt Eddleston at the RAAF Academy, Point Cook. (Source: 2)

Incident. FLTLT W.G. Penney (0213618). During pre-flight, found large hole in lower leading edge of port elevator. Cat 1. (Source: 1)

Received at Parafield for E service.

Noted at Parafield, SA in the Dept of Aircraft Production hangars. (Source: Nigel Daw)

No 1 BFTS (Basic Flying Training School) renamed No 1 FTS (Flying Training School). (Source: 1)

Despatched to No 1 FTS ex Parafield.

On a ferry flight from Point Cook to East Sale as Number 4 in a formation of 5 aircraft, engine momentarily lost power then continued to run roughly, temperatures and pressures within limits, cylinder head temperature low; broke formation, declared PAN and force-landed at Latrobe Valley. (Source: 1)

Allotted to Hawker de Havilland, Bankstown for Mod 100 (FAC?)

Allotted to No 4 Flight, Williamtown.

Allotted to No 1 FTS, Point Cook for D service.

Issued to No 4 Flight ex No 1 FTS.

Allotted to No 1 FTS for E service.

Allotted to No 4 Flight ex No 1 FTS.

Photographed at Williamtown, apparently soon after the aircraft was painted in FAC camouflage.

Allotted to No 1 FTS for unscheduled E service. (Source: 1)

Allotted to No 4 Flight.

The aircraft was photographed in FAC camouflage and bearing the name FLTLT M.R. Tardent DFC.

Ran off runway at Holsworthy FLTLT W.N. Higginbothan (0227054). Cat 4 damage. (Source: 1)

Allotted to No 481 Sqn, Williamtown with R-985 S/No 10561(W5/45).

Subsequently the aircraft was operated by No. 76 Squadron, Williamtown as a Forward Air Control aircraft for which role it was camouflaged. For a time it was painted with the name and pennant of SQNLDR K.J. Mitchell, DFC.

Allotted to No 3 AD, Amberley for SURFIN (Surface Finishing) training.

Delivered by road from Williamtown to Amberley. (Source: 1) Photographs suggest that the aircraft was delivered still in FAC camouflage but minus engine. During its time at SURFIN, the aircraft was painted silver with a tapered blue band on the fuselage bearing the inscription "Royal Australian Air Force". At some stage the aircraft was painted with the fictitious serial A85-17.

Reported held Amberley

Reported still held Amberley as a training aid. (Final entry on Status Card).

Used as a rescue and firefighting trainaid at RAAF Amberley but not burned.

Transported from Amberley to Caloundra on loan to QAM from the RAAF Museum in return for the loan to the RAAF of Cessna 337 P2-ELO for fire-fighting training.

Sold to QAM.



Parnell, Neville 2012 Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-22 & CA-25, Aviation Heritage Vol 43 No 4, published by the Aviation Historical Society of Australia, Dec 2012.


Log Book of Wg Cdr Anthony Eddleston (A216911) held in the QAM Library (Barcode Number 006468).

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