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Purchased from Classic Jets Fighter Museum, Parafield by David Tener and transported to Canberra.

Arrived in Canberra where it was displayed in David Tener's garage. While in David Tener's care the missile came to be known as "SAM-antha".

Ownership transferred to QAM by David Tener, Canberra.

QAM took delivery in Canberra.

Arrived at QAM Caloundra.

Reassembled at Caloundra. Thus far the identity ofthe missile has proved elusive. The only data plates to emerge are onthe Bristol Thor ramjet engines:
Type: BT2-1SAV2 | SerialNo: 5273

Type: BT2-5E | SerialNo: 5038

Both Thor engines also carry this same dataplate:
Commonwealth of Australia
Dept. Of Supply
W.R.E. Salisbury S.A.
Plant No. 112652

WRE is Weapons Research Establishment.

Compiled by Ron Cuskelly
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