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QAM thanks Dr Verlyn Yang for the donation of this aircraft.

Noted under assembly at Bankstown. VH-CAD was the first V35 model imported into Australia. (Source: 3)

Registered to Department of Civil Aviation, Melbourne. Certificate of Registration No 5559. (Source: 1)

Noted at Perth Airport with DCA WA Region. (Source: 3)

The original three bladed propeller was replaced by a two bladed propeller.

The aircraft suffered a wheels up landing at Serpentine, WA.

The original factory colour scheme was replaced by a light blue band along the fuselage and over the top of the engine cowling.

The regulator officially changed its name to the Department of Transport, Air Transport Group. (Source: 2)

Registered to Department of Transport, Air Transport Group, Melbourne, Vic. (Source: 1)

Registered to Department of Aviation, Melbourne, Vic (Source: 1)
The regulator changed its name to the Department of Aviation the same day. (Source: 2)

The Department of Aviation was amalgamated with the Department of Transport and Communications. (Source: 2)

Registered to Civil Aviation Authority Flying Unit, North Essendon, Vic. (Source: 1)

The regulator officially changed its name to the Civil Aviation Authority. (Source: 2)

Libbyvin P/L, Albury, NSW. (Source: 1)

VH Thomas P/L, Albury, NSW. (Source: 1)

Vincent Thomas, Albury, NSW. (Source: 1)

Classic Aviator, New Lambton Heights, NSW. (Source: 1)

Submerged by flood waters at Murwillumbah, NSW. (Source: 1)

Dr Verlyn Yang officially donated the airframe of VH-CAD to QAM.

Delivery to Caloundra pending.

Compiled by Ron Cuskelly
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Compiled By Ron Cuskelly



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