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QAM thanks the Heytesbury Pastoral Group for the donation of this aircraft.

Built by Beech Aircraft Corp at Wichita, Kansas.

Accepted by U S Navy as SNB-2 BuAer 39194.

Assigned NAS Pensacola.

Assigned A & R Corpus Christi.

Assigned NAS Pensacola.

Assigned VN8D8-C.

Assigned San Diego.

Arrived in Australia on board USN aircraft carrier USS "Shangri-La". Probably one of several SNB operated by US Military Attache to Australia in the early post-war years. Based at Fishermans Bend, Melbourne

Assigned FASRON 9.

Beech SNB-2 BuAer 39194 of the US Embassy in Australia was parked at Mascot, when at 2.30pm it was struck by taxying Avro Anson VH-AKU of New England Airways. The Anson had just moved off from the New England Airways Despatch Office near the Tower, Captain A.C.Dobson with one passenger bound for Coffs Harbour. The Anson did not have radio, so was cleared to taxy from the Tower by a flashing green on the signal lamp, which Dobson acknowledged by a "thumbs-up" from the open cockpit window. He then commenced a right turn, and struck the parked Beech, which he could not see from his left hand seat.
Damage to the SNB-2 was:
nose severely crushed, extending 6 feet down starboard side
starboard prop bent
starboard engine damage
Damage to the Anson VH-AKU:
port engine and cowling
port propeller
DCA investigation found that the Beech had been parked in the same spot for the past 10 days, and that Dobson had taxied past it when he arrived in the Anson from Bankstown an hour earlier.
(NAA MP 1665/1)

Stricken by USN.

Offered to Department of Civil Aviation by US Foreign Liquidation Commissioner for $20,000.00. DCA did not accept the offer and internal memos discuss doubts over construction airworthiness standards of the type. There were none on the Australian Civil register at the time

Registration Application received from Thiess Brothers Pty. Ltd., Sydney. Requested registration VH-LCT but DCA advised that it was too far ahead of the normal sequence and was therefore not available and that the registration would have to come from the VH-B.. series. As Thiess Bros had an Avro Anson, VH-BDD in service, they settled for VH-BJJ for the Beech 18

Aircraft repaired and overhauled at Archerfield for CofA. DCA report states that "damage has occurred at a very critical part of structure"

CofA overhaul at Archerfield by Aircrafts Pty. Ltd. proceeding. Thiess Bros are obtaining certification paperwork from the US. USN logbooks are held by Thiess Bros

Thiess complains to DCA that the cost of the certification data from Beech is "prohibitive" and that they found the manufacturer loath to assist them because their aircraft "was war surplus and not representative of the latest model"

Added to the Register as VH-BJJ to Thiess Bros (Queensland) Pty. Ltd., Brisbane

Australian CofA issued. First of type on Register.

Test flown at Archerfield by pilot Mitchell. Fitted for 2 pilots and 5 passengers

Entered service with Thiess Bros. Aircraft was crewed and maintained by ANA. It was used to carry Thiess staff to open-cut coal mines at Biloela, Blair Athol and Muswellbrook. Named "Progress II"

In first year of Thiess service, VH-BJJ flew 369 hours 5 minutes. Thiess request DCA approval for a six week extension on CofA because the aircraft is urgently needed because of flooded coal mines. DCA approve the extension

Tailwheel collapsed on landing at Essendon

Purchased by Connellan Airways, Alice Springs. (Source: "Failure of Triumph" by Eddie Connellan)

Sold to Connellan Airways, Alice Springs. (Source: DCA Register)

Re-registered VH-CLG

Damaged, without injury, in a belly-landing at the Alice Springs Town Site Airport after its undercarriage failed to lock.

Damaged at Mallapunyah Station, NT.

Crashed at Cresswell Downs N.T. Stripped of useful parts and remains left in situ. In 1997, the pilot Colin Becht stated that he had run about 300 yards after landing at Cresswell Downs when the starboard wheel separated from its axle, exiting through the flap and rolling off into the distance. The starboard wing tip dug in and the aircraft slewed around. There were no injuries to the crew or passengers. Included amongst the passengers were two positioning check captains, so there were more crew than passengers!
View the relevant page from Col Becht's logbook.

Struck off Register

Donated to QAM by Heytesbury Pastoral Group (via NASMA)

Recovered from Cresswell Downs by QAM

Compiled by Ron Cuskelly
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