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QAM thanks the Bell brothers for the donation of this aircraft.

It should be noted that for many years there was some doubt as to the correct military identity of VH-BIF which was thought to be W2472, but it is now believed to be AX305. Anson AX305 is understood to have a fuselage number of R3/LW/107500. This number is carried on a data plate which was found affixed to the fuselage of VH-BIF at the time of its recovery from Charleville. Anson W2472 is understood to have a fuselage number in the range R3/LW/88521 (W2434) to R3/LW/88569 (W2486). Anson W2472 has since been located at Miles, Qld. As these numbers were not allocated in strict sequence, it is not possible to extrapolate corresponding military serial numbers or vice versa. The weight of evidence now suggests that VH-BIF is ex AX305. The following chronology refers to AX305.

Received at 2AD, Richmond from the RAF under the Empire Air Training Scheme.

Received No 2 Aircraft Park, Bankstown ex 2AD for erection.

Received No 1 Air Observers School, Cootamundra ex 2AP.

Received No 73 Sqn, Cootamundra ex 1AOS.

Received No 5 Aircraft Depot, Forrest Hill (but more likely its detachment at Cootamundra) for fitment of ASV radar. Aircraft to have auxiliary drive on port motor.

Returned to No 73 Sqn.

Received No 67 Sqn, Laverton ex No 73 Sqn.

Received Station Headquarters, Point Cook ex No 67 Sqn.

Received Ansett Airways ex Point Cook for complete overhaul. To be camouflaged before delivery.

Tailplane fitted.

Rudder fitted.

Elevators fitted.

Trailing edges fitted.

Engine bays and engines fitted.

Received No 1 Aircraft Depot, Laverton ex Ansett Airways.

Aircraft not to be flown until further advice. Aircraft under offer to RNZAF.

Aircraft not required by RNZAF to be released from storage.

Received No 11 Elementary Flying Training School, Benalla for storage ex 1AD.

Received 1AD Detachment B, Tocumwal ex Care and Maintenance Unit, Benalla.

Held at Tocumwal in Category C special reserve under cover.

Sold to J.H. Hutchison, Tocumwal.

Transferred to purchaser.

Added to register as VH‑BIF to Robert G. Carswell Brisbane Qld.

Change of ownership to R.G. Carswell c/‑ Carsair, Port Moresby PNG.

Accident at Tapini, PNG. DCA Accident Report: "Undercarriage collapsed when swing developed during take-off due to poor take-off technique.

Change of ownership to Carsair Air Service Port Moresby.

Carsair pilot Bill Vink: I did one trip in the Lockheed 10 to Daru and couldn't get the thing above 1,000 feet. The oil pressure went up too high if you went above 1,000 feet. We had the same trouble with the metal Anson BIX. The old Anson VH-BIF was different - I've had that to 18,000 feet. She still had the bomb doors in. If you had to go high to get over the top, you'd hit the bumps and the bomb doors would open and that cold air would be coming in...
Source: Jim Sinclair Balus Vol 1 p.248

Ferried from Archerfield to "Dundee" Station near Charleville by Bob Carswell and Keith Virtue.

Struck off register.

Arrived Brisbane by road having been donated by the Bell Bros. of "Dundee" Station. Stored dismantled in Hendra Woolsheds. Instrument panel on display at Caloundra.

Fuselage frame transported to Caloundra, other components to David Bussey's residence.

Fuselage frame repaired, sand-blasted and primed for display at Caloundra.

The partially restored fuselage frame is displayed on the eastern wall of Hangar 2 pending completion of QAM's other Anson, MG222.

Compiled by Ron Cuskelly
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