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Built as J/5B Autocar

Registered to Kingsford Smith Aviation Services, Bankstown, NSW as VH-KBZ (CofR 1889).

Change of ownership to Henry Knight, Cobar, NSW

Crashed at Cobar, NSW.

The following first-hand account was contributed in September 2006 by former QAM member, David Bourke:
"In 1953, I was a twelve year-old boy boarding at the Cobar Convent and was an enthusiastic plane lover. Down from the Convent was the Cobar Golf Club where Auster VH-KBZ had its accident. The aircraft was owned by a grazier by the name of Henry David Knight, known to everyone as Dave Knight. On the day of the accident, Dave dressed in a Santa costume and accompanied by two of the Cobar Constabulary, set off to fly over the kids Christmas party at the Golf Club to drop presents. The first pass was too fast to drop the presents and the next pass ended in a stall into either a large peppercorn or box tree (I cannot remember which). There were no serious injuries but the accident brought an end to Dave's flying career and his aeroplane. Immediately after the accident, someone yelled; 'Call the Police' to which Dave replied; 'No need, I have them with me!' The Auster was removed from the trees and placed in the rear of the Police yard behind the gaol and a wooden fence. The wooden fence was just across a lane from the Convent and on occasions I would sneak out of the Convent and unknown to the Nuns would jump the fence and pretend to fly this wreck. I was later sent to St.Joseph's College in Sydney and this ended my acquaintance with KBZ. Dave Knight has since passed on."

Cancelled from Register.

Rebuilt as an Auster J/5G.

Registered to Kingsford Smith Aviation Services, Bankstown, NSW as VH-BYP (CofR 2264)

Change of ownership to John Crawford, Wallendbeen, NSW.

Cancelled from Register at owner's request as withdrawn from use.

Change of ownership to Keith Wickham, Wedderburn, Vic (NSW ?)

Change of ownership to Civil Flying Services, Cheltenham, Vic.

Change of ownership to John King, French Island, Vic.

Owner's change of address: John King, Crib Point, Vic

Change of ownership to Rudolf Pleschutschnig, Corio, Vic.

Owner's change of address: Rudolf Pleschutschnig, Terang, Vic

Change of ownership to John Findlow, Boort, Vic.

Change of ownership to Australite Pty Ltd, Penshurst, NSW.

Change of ownership to Thomas Cains, Heathcote, NSW.

Owner's change of address: Thomas Cains, Kariongi, NSW.

Change of ownership to Mark Clayton, Napier, New Zealand.

Owner's change of address: Mark Clayton, Falls Creek, NSW.

Queensland Air Museum agreed to purchase the aircraft from Mark Clayton. Registration current.

The fully restored aircraft was reassembled in Hangar 1. The restoration was performed by Stuart Spenceley and Brian Holm.

Cancelled from the Register at 15:42 AEST. (Source: CASA)

Compiled by Ron Cuskelly
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Compiled By Ron Cuskelly


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