Our Volunteers

Our volunteering workforce

"The Volunteers Are Brilliant. Very Friendly and Informative"
From its inception in 1973, the museum has been a 100% volunteer workforce, serving as a social hub for the large population of retirees that this area attracts. QAM also acts as a platform whereby the priceless knowledge of more experienced members can be passed down to new generations. The increase in younger volunteers and working professionals means that this passion and knowledge is re-injected back into the community.

“The volunteers are brilliant. Very friendly and informative”, Colin – Facebook 2019. The diverse background of our passionate volunteers brings an extraordinary range of skills to the organisation. Our volunteer workforce is the backbone of QAM.

The museum also has over 100 active members whose talents combine to administer all departments to drive visitors in and ensure everyone steps out with a positive experience. The below testimonials highlight some of our recent visitor’s feedback.

“The staff and volunteers here have so much knowledge and so many stories about the aircraft which they are lovingly looking after.”


“The volunteers were super friendly and books of knowledge! We will be back!”


“Staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. Had a great time”


“Volunteers were all very helpful, full of knowledge and welcoming to our children.”


“The volunteers were just a delight. You could tell how passionate they were about the old planes”


"Great spot and the volunteers who work there are awesome. Thanks, fellas!"